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Flower of life. Nature evolves with us.

Nature is our refillable prescription

By Abraham Jew | Nature and Life | 22 Aug 2021

When we look at how humans are coping-up with the pandemic by finding more comfort in their homes, carefully managed routines in a new situation and uncertain environment.  With the capability of humans and the importance of life along with the environment.

Last year was unique in the pandemic, and these taught us to value our health, our planet, our nature, and mostly kept us away from unnecessary behaviors. Nature offers a great package of enrichment, nourishment, and growth to every living being, who cares, protects and shares the resources. The quarantine isolation has now become a paradox in many angles. It represents clear separation or distancing from others as we understand. Always be grateful for our life.

Nature offers a decent clarity to things and situations we see, observe, experience, and live with our senses. In this whole exercise, we are human beings on this planet and grateful to wear this inner skin with emotions and feelings. Take what nature stores for us and always use the resources wisely.

Like we learned, the main two healers of life are the sunshine of daytime and the darkness of night. Every human being has to sleep about eight hours a day, and we have to be in a state of darkness and lightness. The air fueled our body, like the oxygen we inhale and carbon-dioxide we exhale. The rhythm of life lies in the air. So trust the moment and train your body to meditate on it. Understand the body and mind connection, the importance of oxygen in our life. Plant more greens and trees are the lungs of our planet.

As a living creature, the importance of heat and fire in our life is inevitable. It creates our human body with the presence of heat waves, a normal human being has 97° Celsius temperature in their healthy body. Take a moment to understand the heat inside and outside the body. Understand the true meaning and importance of heat waves we observed on our planet.

The pandemic taught us more about conservation, and the importance of water in our life is more than words can describe. It streams the life routes in our body with veins and blood. Almost around 70% of the earth and it fills our body with water in another way. So it connects the balance we generated with the body with the cream of the sand. Conserve and protect our natural resources, water sources, the green life connected with the hopes and downs of our daily routines. Every drop of water is precious for life.

Earth heals us, thrives us, and nurtures us. Our life develops along with the adaptive powers of nature. We connect the body and mind in a way like a receiver absorbs the details. The most complicated anatomy for a human being to explain through theory. It connects our purposes with the building up of a kind soul; the body is the pure reflection of what we consume and the patterns of life we discovered through nature.

Nature explains and teaches us through life experiences, behaviors, and accidental encounters with lives and incidences in our life. We can solve the problems by observing them consciously and deeply with our senses. We are on a brand-new mission to stay awake, stay hydrated, and stay alert for our nourishment. To protect and create a better place for our generations and future lives.

Quarantine taught us many things. Always understand the value of nature, and how to take consent of nature by our actions and words. We can raise our hands to the vastness of clouds.

Air moves us, fire transforms us, water shapes us, and nature heals us.

Nature is our refillable prescription.

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Abraham Jew
Abraham Jew

The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on the brink of a second bailout for banks. If you don't believe it or don't get it, I don't have the time to convince you. I collaborate. I mine. I stake. I share. Shalom.

Nature and Life
Nature and Life

Nature offers a decent clarity to things and situations we see, observe, experience, and live with our senses. Take what nature stores for us and always use the resources wisely. Nature is our prescription and use this as effective solution.

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