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Fun trivia night.

Join me today in Fun Trivia 5 PM UTC

By Navi. | NaVi Writes | 21 Jan 2021

It's been a time I have hosted any trivia or events in Uptrennd Telegram Channels. These events build a strong bond between mods and users after all we are users like you with some extra responsibilities.

I remember Karaoke nights, Pictionary Game, General Knowledge Trivias in the past and we enjoyed a lot why not we start them all again? Look actually we did already. Contests & Events are on full move if you think traffic is low then you're just missing an opportunity as I've defined in my previous posts.



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What will be that? 🤔 Is it same or something different? I guess we all have played that game in our childhood and today it's gonna be full fun because I don't think it's so hard.



Fun Game

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Haha! Most of you guys are already excited by just seeing the context of trivia but I'm here to explain in details for those who don't know about that 😁

In this fun trivia, I'll be giving you guys a random "Alphabet like A, B, C..." You've to guess a correct Name, Place, Animal and thing starting with that particular alphabet and the fast fingers with fast minds will be tipped :) 🥳


Isn't that Exciting?

Yes, it is because even in higher school we friends used to play this fun game and I can't wait to play with you guys because I've been in touch all Uptrenndians almost a year now. So be on time today 5 PM UTC at Uptrennd Casual Chat and spread the word.


Fun Trivia

Venue: Uptrennd Casual Chat

Time: Today 5PM UTC

Pakistani Time: Today 10PM PKT

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NaVi Writes

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