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Law of Upland Attraction

By Taibah | Nature_ALs | 23 Feb 2021

Dearest readers, I'm writing this post to join Upland writing competition. And I'm offering a a law of attraction perspective on this game. I'm currently inspecting a possibility of being an uplander helps you send some positive vibration to the universe. The vibration that helps creating good results in real life.

How come? Simplified, law of attraction is like inviting wealth to you by putting that attidude and gratitude of already owning it in your brain wiring.

I'm no gamer, I'd love to be a game changer instead. I'm not playing game when I don't get any benefit of doing so. And somehow Upland proves me that it's not just a game.

Properties for currency

I find out that Upland is on its way to connect game economy and real economy. Well it might worth some few minutes a day checking our properties in the game realm that might be of use someday in reality.

Next, Upland reminds me one of our family favorite board game, Monopoly. To me the game of monopoly is my first financial literacy course. Introduction to the basics of assets and liabilities as well. Upland, in my case, acts as a property-investment guru. As currenty I'm collecting some pieces of land here in our village.

And, you know what? It's merely a coincidence or the universe is sending me a sweet treat. Yesterday, right after I first signed in to Fresno in search of a piece of land, my Mom came in brings me the land certificate. We bought that piece of land last year but only yesterday we finally have the certificate at hand.

So, I cancelled buying the land in Fresno. Back to reality and studying the map in the certificate, figuring out the neighboring land owners and planning to have a small chat with them in the coming days in case their land is for sale.

In conclusion, I love Upland and I guess it'll stay in my phone as the only game I play in my spare time. This game is good for my property-investor brain wiring. God Granted, all the best!

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