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Homemade hazelnut cream with 100% hazelnuts inside, to be enjoyed plain or with honey and bitter cocoa.

Homemade hazelnut cream

By Pancy | Natural Pies | 3 Nov 2021

We judge and are judged continually.
We elect ourselves as judges by issuing our sentences without the possibility of appeal.
Why not try to suspend judgment?
Why not try to focus on us, on our life, on our goals, without wasting useless words, useless arguments.
Why not try to put yourself in the shoes of those who make different choices from ours, why not try to ask yourself the reasons for those choices.
Judgment as an externalization of our insecurities and our sense of inferiority.
Forget the judgment or at least try!

Today's recipe is very simple and fast, it is made from 100% hazelnuts and it is just the hazelnut cream.

The hazelnut cream is a real treat for the palate.


It can therefore be consumed plain or enriched with bitter cocoa and honey.


300gr of shelled hazelnuts


Pour the shelled hazelnuts into the blender. Start blending at medium-high speed for 30/40 seconds, then collect the mixture on the sides of the bowl with a spatula and lay it on the bottom.

This operation must be performed 4/5 times.

It is a much faster process than that of almond butter and peanut butter!

You just have to spread it on a slice of toast or use it to make cakes and cookies.

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Mom and passionate photographer, in the kitchen for the love of my family.

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Natural Pies

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