The alternative breakfast that I propose today is healthy, good and filling.

Avocado and lemon for breakfast

By Pancy | Natural Pies | 28 Oct 2021

As a child I was chubby.

My mother has always tried to make me lose weight, with poor results.

She tried to make me do sports, it didn't matter which one she was, the important thing is that she managed to reduce my "belly".

Too bad, however, that while I was going to athletics or volleyball, with my olive green bike, I made a "pit stop" in a tobacconist where I stocked up on gummy candies, coconut bars, peanuts and chocolate.

I ate everything on the way there and back.

I hid the papers of my crime in the common garden, under the pots and behind the plants. My mother never knew. Probably the lady who took care of the condominium garden did it.

The culture of healthy eating was not a prerogative of that period.

Our body is a perfect machine, I try to give it the right fuel.

The alternative breakfast that I propose today is healthy, good and abundant.

It is very simple consisting of only three ingredients.


If you can't give up the sweet breakfast, you can have it as a snack or lunch.

If you prefer, you can use fresh ginger.





Powdered ginger

½ lemon


Dice the avocado and season with ginger and lemon.

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