Field Horsetail
Field Horsetail

Hello all I am a field horsetail as a weed but I will tell you a little about myself..  You will definitely like me :)

For many of you i'm a troublesome weed, but the valuable properties of me are used in medicine.
I'm roalina wildly growing on meadows, fields, steep slopes, roads, fields.
I am used not only for health but also for beauty.


Now I tell U why:

  • I assist in healing wounds and skin problems such as acne
  • I also relieve sore pain, also at menstruation
  • i will relive your swollen legs
  • I helps in inflammation of the gums, throat and conjunctiva
  • your children with bronchial asthma and bronchial asthma i will help
  • with me you do not have to worry about neuralgia, root and rheumatic pain
  • I prevent atherosclerosis
  • I prevent bone depletion, accelerate their regeneration after your injury
  • lung disease of the urolithiasis, with me not to scare you urine
  • i perfectly make your hair and nails stronger

Horsetail contains the most easily absorbable silica among medicinal plants, as well as:

* iron, manganese, cobalt, salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus.

* vitamin C and organic acids (silicic, malic, ascorbic, oxalic).



Prolonged use of horsetail preparations or drinking horsetail tea may contribute to vitamin B1 deficiency.

Therefore, when taking horsetail constantly, you need to take a monthly break every few months, or use vitamin B1 supplements.


Contraindications to the use of horsetail:

    * heart and kidney problems
    * glomerulonephritis,
    * gout
    * care must be taken during pregnancy and feeding.




I hope my story will change your mind about me bye bye :)


I like nature, food, herb, art and anime.

Natural Medicine - Healing Properties
Natural Medicine - Healing Properties

Natural medicine because that's what I'm interested in. I will give descriptions of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. You eat them on a daily basis but you don't know what they provide and what diseases they can help. But there will be those with whom you had no close encounters.

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