Our mountains called the Carpathians

By Nastyka | Nastyka | 20 Nov 2019

  One of the main advantages of Ukraine is our mountains - the Carpathians, which are located in the western part of the country. If you visit here at least once, you will definitely want to come again. The mountains are beautiful at any time of the year, so they differ in the beauty of coniferous forests. And from early spring to late autumn, the whole picture is complemented by verdant and flowering meadows.




  The beauty of the Carpathians covers an area of ​​1600 kilometers, so the reliefs will surprise you with their beauty. Among the mountains, walking and enjoying their beauty, you can meet many glades with berries. Such as: lingonberry, blueberry, blackberry. And besides the needles, you will meet other trees: walnut, oak, cherry, deciduous trees. Therefore, we can confidently say that the climate of this area is special.




   Also among the mountains originate the most beautiful rivers of Eastern Europe, as well as salt lakes, which are proudly compared with the Dead Sea in Israel.



  But not only the nature of the mountains is the main asset, but also the people living there. The local population still maintains the traditions that were introduced by the ancestors many centuries ago. Three ethnic groups stand out: the Hutsuls, the Fights and the Lemks.






  They will be happy to tell you and show you how they live and what traditions they support. Surprisingly, until now, there shepherds are escorted to the mountain valley for several months. And if you are lucky to attend a wedding, then you will remember this event for life.


  You can talk a lot about the Carpathians, but you need to see and hear them. This is an amazing place not only for visitors from other countries, but also for Ukrainians themselves.



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