The best free earning crypto site

By NasRaf | NasRaf | 6 Sep 2021

I have tried every site there is that gives crypto for completing various missions. All of them claim to be the "best paying" site.

The site that has payed out best is by far cointiply.

Feel free to use my use my ref link it helps a lot and gives you a small head start:

I usually use the phone app due to the payment for games but they also have a web site: Cointiply

They both offers all the regular offer walls; completing surveys is a great way to get a base income every day. But the main thing is the really decent amount of time needed to put in to the promoted phone games. Most games are more or less idle games that wants you to pay so you don't have to wait for buildings etc to finish. But just by playing something lite 15 min/day for a few days you can complete missions paying up to $30-50 quite easy.

Fast payout in BTC, LTC, DOGE or DASH. 

They also give interest on all coins that's not yet withdrawn. 


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