Earning Crypto on Fire Faucet! Personal review

By NasRaf | NasRaf | 27 Apr 2021

FireFaucet Is one of the biggest faucet/ free crypto earning site there is, and I'm sure most of you have or are testing it already. If not please use my referral code:

I have been using the site semi-actively for about a month now and I've just requested my second payment of $8. A decent amount for the work I've put in. Multiple currencies are available for payout such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, LTC, DASH, TRX, ZEC and DGB. 

The possible ways to earn Auto Claim Points(the local currency):

  • Faucet - One bigger per day and smaller every 30 min
  • PTC
  • Shortlinks (filled with internet AIDS, would not recommend).
  • Surveys from CPX, TheoremReach, PollFish, MediumPath - Like on all earning sites this is the way to go.  Doing surveys is the best and easiest way to earn bigger amounts of APC.
  • Loyalty program - FireFaucet  have their own level system where each level gives you some BitCoin Satoshi. The amount of Satoshi you get is increasing for every level, I'm currently on Level 62 and next will give 132 Bitcoin Satoshi (~7 cent). It's pretty easy to gain 2-5 levels on a day. This goes all the way up to 4000 Satoshi/level meaning that the income increases the longer you keep going. 


To convert the ACP to your favorite crypto you either us the Auto Faucet, slowly converting for a slightly better conversion rate, or direct conversion giving instant crypto.  


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