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By KeenanRIVALS | Nano Nation | 14 Sep 2019

I've always seen crypto betting websites and just never felt comfortable utilizing them. A big part of that was due to my lack of investment and the excepted cryptocurrencies, many of the platforms were built around coins that I didn't support, like TRX and EOS, others were built around more popular platforms such as Ethereum, but I didn't want to do with the hassle of sending my ETH to these random websites.

For me, there was a lack of trust in these gambling websites. I didn't know who built them and the majority of them seemed like a money grab. This theory has remained rather consistent over my last 2 years in this space... Until now.

I was browsing Reddit and saw a user has been working diligently on his own betting platform, this time using Nano. I instantly sent Nano over to the websites wallet and begin trying my luck on the slots. What made this gambling platform differently? It's simple, I trust the Nano community. The currency is still in its infancy and everyone who is working to grow the project is pretty well known. It's not like other platforms where a random username spams his site, the Nano community is different, they care and they simply want to show how this coin is superior.

The website is in beta mode, but NanoSlots works better and faster than most sites I engage with today. Depositing Nano to the wallet is instant and even though I lost my 3 Nano (go big or go home) I found myself winning several times. Had I played smart, I probably would have walked away with more Nano then I deposited... Now obviously, this won't be everyone's experience, but I'm mentioning it to let you guys all know that it's not just some money grab.

If you have Nano and support the community, then you might want to check out NanoSlots. I'm giving away .1 Nano to the first 10 users who respond to this post. Simply leave your Nano address and I'll send it as soon as I see it! Once you play, come back and share your experience. Happy betting!




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