Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies contracted with Formula 1 and Formula 1 Teams

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies contracted with Formula 1 and Formula 1 Teams

By nafidurmus | nafidurmus | 30 Aug 2021

Hello, in this content, I will expline about cryptocurrency and blockchain companies that have agreements with formula 1 and formula 1 teams. This content was created as a result of my research. You can find the resources related to the agreements below. None of the cryptocurrencies I mention here are investment advice.

You can find the excel spreadsheet I prepared for these agreements below.


When we examine this table;

Formula 1 has total 10 teams but 5 of these teams have partnerships. 3 of these teams have fan token agreements. Let's take a look at these partnerships.

- Exchange (Formula 1 and Aston Martin)

We see that exchange has agreements with both formula 1 and Aston Martin Formula 1 team. also sponsor of Formula 1's sprint races. The deal with Formula 1 is worth $100 billion. Details of this deal are emerging day by day. For exapmle;


Formula 1 related nfts have not been prepared yet, but you can reach the nfts of the Aston Martin team on Example;


View of Marketplace;  


As in all nft markets, there are 2 different purchasing (bid, buy now) methods. Check out the details below. (By the way I'm a Vettel fan :D)


you can check here

Other example;


you can check here 

To buy Nfts, you can sign up to exchange here.

- Socios/Chiliz (Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin)

Let's continue with Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo team. In the Excel table, we also see that the Aston Martin team has a fan token. Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo fan token agreements are with Socios. (socios : blockchain-enabled fan token platform promising to unlock revenue from the global fanbases of sport's most famous teams. some of these teams barcelona, man city, arsenal, juventus, milan, inter, galatasaray, psg (by the way Messi will get some of his salary as fan tokens) )

The fan token industry is growing.

You can register for the socios application here to participate in the pre-sales to be made in the future. You can also become a sign up here of the chiliz exchange, where the pre-sale fan token will be listed first. You can trade the tokens of these 2 teams and help them decide in the voting.

- Bitci Exchange (McLaren)

So far we've learned of 2 teams with fan tokens. The 3rd team with a fan token is McLaren. Fan token agreement with Bitci Exchange. The pre-sale was made in the past weeks at a price of 0.5 euro. It will be listed on September 12. You can check McLaren fan token page here.

If you want to buy McLaren Formula 1 Team fan tokens at the time of listing, you can register on Bitci Exchange here. 

Some teams that have fan tokens on the Bitci exchange;  Celta de Vigo, Peruvian National Football, Deportivo Alavés, Uruguay National Football Team, MotoGP™, Brazil National Football Team, Spanish National Team Fan, Rangers ... If you want, you can also participate in the pre-sales to be held in the future. (e.g Wolverhampton Wanderers, Real Betis, Uruguay National Football Team ...)


You can check out all the deals here.

- Tezos (McLaren and Red Bull Racing)

Tezos, the world’s most advanced blockchain, is the team’s Official Blockchain Partner McLaren and Red Bull Racing will use the energy efficient and upgradable network to create a non-fungible token (NFT) fan experience. McLaren and Red Bull Racing will bring the most illustrious racing heritage and the most exciting driver line-ups across multiple racing teams to offer an unrivalled and engaging NFT fan experience based on the Tezos blockchain.

Nft markets are planned to be opened in the near future. And the last..

- Fantom (AlphaTauri)

Fantom is a global blockchain platform designed for instant transactions with low costs and is revolutionising the user experience. The agreement announcement can be found here.

I think it was good content. None of the projects I mentioned in this content are investment advice. If there are projects I missed, if you write them as a comment, I can update the content.

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See you in another article.

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