My school days - written by @nachomolina | Original poetry | Creative writing | "RECOMMENDED READING"

My school days - written by @nachomolina | Original poetry | Creative writing | "RECOMMENDED READING" 

By nachomolina | nachomolina | 31 Jan 2020

"My school days" 

I know how to make the new installment! I devised a funny way to play the contest. Between crayons, tempera and the blunt tip of a scissors, I will tangle the time slide to show you a sequel ...




Welcome to my school days!



The odyssey of succumbed nostalgia begins over time. It is the healing of the soul !, uploaded on the panacea machine. Time flew by, but wait!

I know how to rewind it!


I have a keyboard, a mouse and a finger in the capital letter about to type it:

It begins so,


It seems to me that it was yesterday when I woke up in a rented house, the horn of the blue sedan with a vinyl roof of the new school transport notifying me that I was waiting and at the same time, to hurry. I know, where my punctuality problems come from, those that even today affect me every morning. The sound of an alarm clock! It is equal to a swipe on the table, to throw the counter to the floor and get five more minutes of sleep, between the obejas.

Touring the moments lived under the blue sky in a schoolyard.


With oaks and acacias, also the flamboyant that was like a roof. The clay floor, the carpet of petals and the puddles are memories that bring back the little boy with the bag on his back and the shoes untied.

I couldn't guess who you miss the most! but there is a boy who has lost sight of me, somewhere in spacetime. Today I want to return his smile and his desire to live twice every sheet of the calendar.

Because I miss him !, the childish look and wavy hair, drawing a paper ship on a fountain and creating storms around him, to see it suddenly disappear into the whirlpool.


I thought it was impossible! that in an old house I could turn the page of a book, learn the history class in a single morning which I started half asleep,


until I heard the bell that made me open my eyes, between white and blue uniforms. Where a few years later, it would appear in the honor roll in an auditorium full of diplomas and medals.


Always with the basketball ball under his arm !, which at first it was impossible for him to hit, but then with the stretch of adolescence, suspended in front of the opposing hoop, I felt that he flew and in each score the applause, That Yes, I liked it!






Step of the gym class. I better went and signed up, to play the banjo, or the guitar whatever they called it. Thanks to that! Years later my fingers rested on the precision of the frets of an sf-500, Yamaha brand.OEkUjtV.png


Before, in math class, I counted the smallest coins, when they still had some value! I gathered to buy marbles or super sticky chewing gum. I would say more! that today I tell cryptocurrencies of all colors,

My favorites being the ones that have their value ZOgrgpW.png anchored to the dollar!


Always sitting at the top of the line !, I raised my hand so many times that the instructor from the desk already saw me and laughed, beckoning me to give others a chance. The ones at the end of the line were the biggest and the dumbest! They were only good, when cleaning the top of the board where the little ones did not reach ...




That boy with his feet turned and the black orthopedics! No one imagined that after a while he would straighten them.


To the beat of the '80 music album!

There was no better therapy at that time for flat feet. Until the arrival of the breakdance where I would turn them again ...

But this time, spinning backwards, trying to master the FLIT FLAT, the HandBall and the Mortal.

While playing on the pioneer stereo, the deck with graphite heads. An audio cassette to the rhythm of "Body Rock", "Major Tom" in countdown and Paul Hardcastle with his "Vietnam Number Nineteen". It was the recipe from morning until noon.


There is a detail that I have not yet mentioned! To see! Who of the "X" generation can guess?

If you look well here something is missing !, let's see, ... a hint :), yep!



The revolutionary tool that contributed to the development of the child and adolescent mind of the time. The technological invention that took over the world market becoming the first "commercial" videogames known in history.

Yes, you are right!






ATARI 2600


We'll talk about that later! because I have it ready for an upcoming installment :) For now, my post reached 4900 characters and at the beginning it was quite far. So, I better prepare to tell you,

WS0jokD.png Bye!


But, before I leave, I confess! I still can't find that laughing child that was lost in time. If you ever see him out there, please tell him on my part that I miss him and that I want him ...



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I hope you enjoyed reading. FPV96m1.png


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