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By N | N | 18 Feb 2020



This week have with us Chris Schneider, CMO of, a newly launch crypto asset trading platform based out of Singapore. Chris joins me today to discuss the current crypto scene in Singapore and his personal viewpoints regarding the blockchain market on an international scale

Q1 -Chris, Thank you for joining us! Please give an introduction about and how does it differ from other trading platforms?

We are relatively a new player based out of Singapore. We currently support over 29 coins to date. The exhaustive list can be found on our website.

Unlike most of the platforms which use a third party trade engine, we have in-house developed trade engine that not only provides high-performance but also ensures better user experience.

You may ask why we don’t use a third-party system for our exchange, why spend time and resources on that. To answer that, Our in-house development team has more than 20 years of experience in developing financial and banking systems. While designing the system, we have taken extra care to give more emphasis on creating a safe, efficient, and stable global digital asset trading platform. We believe that the system is only effective when you understand and control it thoroughly.

In the near future, we will be launching new functions which enable investors and users to earn stable passive earnings. We will be offering various blockchain-based financial products, such as Staking, lock-up and unlock-up earning products etc. We expect these products to be perfect for investors who will have different risk preferences.

Q2 — You are based out of Singapore, What are your thoughts on the current crypto landscape of Singapore?

Actually, in the crypto world, there is no “stable-base”, we originate from Singapore but now our employees are spread over all over the world, including Germany, Hongkong, Belgium, Netherlands and France. So we do think that people should always observed the blockchain industry with a worldwide insight.

Singapore is a hub connecting Great Chinese-speaking areas and South-East Asia, and has always been a popular place in crypto finance. The crypto landscape in Singapore is no doubt booming and it is the world’s largest markets for cryptocurrency trading. 

You will be surprised to know that A staggering number of over 800 companies were incorporated in Singapore with a combined market cap running into billions of dollars. You can have a detailed read from this report published by the Media Development Authority (IMDA).


As blockchain infrastructure and protocol are being gradually improved, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) or Semi-Defi will soon be a more popular topic among developing countries. A large number of end-users will benefit from this, especially when their needs of getting loans, saving, investing, preserving value and marking cross-border payments will finally be satisfied.

Q.3— We are just less than 100 days away from Bitcoin Halvening, What are your thoughts on the price action?

It’s impossible to predict the price of Bitcoin or any other crypto assets. But from my point of view, I believe that after almost two years of a bear market, a new spring will come to the crypto world in 2020–2021. Unlike the previous bull market of 2017, which was driven by empty noise this next bull market will be driven by solid developments and improved fundamentals. 

Q4 — As a new player in this space, what are the challenges you faced?

If you know well about the history of blockchain or trading platforms, you will notice that it’s so hard to stay “alive” for a long time as an exchange. If you are young and small, you face sharp competition; if you are big, then you face the problem of compliance, supervision and hacking. And these are all the challenges we are going to face too. 

But for as an exchange, we believe in one an old saying: Don’t be evil.

Q5- Can you tell us more about your team and customer support?

Apart from having a permanent address in Singapore, Our team is distributed across Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Cayman Islands, Tallinn and Harare. has the ambition to provide the best kind of customer support through email, telegram and other channels. Our customer service works 24x7 to answer questions and solve problems online.

We also pay much attention to the power of communities, so we have a “Community Partner Program”, we wanna turn our users into our strong external team members.


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