What a bad time to be Sam Bankman Fried!

By Vibrantstories | Mystories | 6 Nov 2023

I think the title above is totally wrong, because after the american Justice has investigated the case of Sam Bankman Fried(also known as: FTX founder) is not a bad time it's a HORRIBLE time, it's a real nightmare to be Sam Bankman Fried.

It's much better to be a homeless that is free of lawyer investigations rather be FTX founder.

Luckifully the FTX case it will be investigated next year.

He was considered guilty in many investigations by a New York Supreme Court.

And now is impossible to contact him, and/or using FTX to buy, sell, and/or trade any cryptocurrency.

I really hope that after he stole lots of dollars with his old Crypto Exchange he could be in jail for a long time to learn during this time to respect the crypto investors.

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