Level 6: #SHIBARMY

Level 6: #SHIBARMY

By HerretixxGaming | TheGame | 21 Oct 2021

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but before the internet existed, memes had no place in society. Soon enough, they prospered into a viable, efficient, humorous form of communication between the human species. Everybody loves a great meme, and even more so, having the ability to share it with a friend or two and have a laugh together. 

But I assure you, #SHIBARMY is no meme. At least, not anymore… I’m proud to announce I’ve joined the #SHIBARMY in their conquest for decentralization. Stepping out of the clown shoes and into some Doc Martins was no easy feat for the Shiba Inu token. Alas, they’ve done it, and continue to do so with every day, every week, every month that goes by. Some analysts are even speculating a $0.01 price prediction for the what-once-was meme-token. 

To shine a light on what that means, and why it’s such a big deal… I bought almost 3 million tokens with $100. So in turn, if each one of those tokens are worth a penny… You do the math. $$$ 

Don’t be fooled though, a lot of the numbers don’t quite match up with both today’s and future market caps. In order to be worth a penny each, #SHIBARMY would need to burn over 99.99% of their total tokens.

The good news is, some of these burns have already started happening. Massive amounts of Shib burning has already happened thanks to the development team’s clever “WoofPaper” (white paper) and the road maps for what has yet to come. For example: The Shiboshis were recently released. The Shiboshis are Shiba Inu’s very own NFT collection with 10,000 different Shiboshis that you can collect and trade with. Each and every time a new wallet gains access to one of these Shiboshis, they have the opportunity to rename it. Renaming it is the burn. Every time a Shiboshi is renamed, (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong) but $100’s of tokens are sent to a “Dead Wallet” for burning, never to be seen again. 

I’m still new to this whole crypto market thing, so please don’t take anything I write as financial advice. That is not why I am here. I’m here to share as much information as possible so you can do your own research and formulate your own strategies and plans for this crazy digital world that has only scratched the tip of the ice-berg. 

I have linked both ShibaSwap (their decentralized exchange) as well as Shiba Token’s website for more information.

Also Bitcoin and Ethereum making huge gains as I’m writing this?! Awesome! 

I will be closely following #SHIBARMY, as well as BTC, ETH, MATIC, ILV, AMPL, and a few others in the near future, as well as the potentially very far future (fingers crossed) so if you want updates here on Publish0x, be sure to follow, like, tip, and comment any questions/concerns/thoughts/ideas and I’ll be happy to talk about it! We are Herretixx, till next time Gamers!

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