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SCAM ALERT - Phishing attempt against Celsius Network

By scubiedoo | mycryptolife | 15 Apr 2021

If you receive an email or txt about an offer to receive $500 by signing up for the new 'Celsius Web Wallet' - this is a phishing attempt - do not attempt to connect your wallet and definitely do not send your wallet seed phrase or private key! 

This was actually quite a solid phishing email in regards to look and feel - the only clues is that the web address is instead of and the offer is a bit too good to be true - playing on your emotional urgency to respond and make a quick $500!

Security tips to remember:

  • Never provide your wallet seed phrase to anyone
  • Never provide your secret key to anyone
  • Do not connect your wallet to any site you do not trust
  • If an offer seems to good to be true, then it probably is
  • Any offer that has a sense of urgency like register in next 2 hours or by end of today may be a red flag
  • Always check the url of the site, the email of the send, etc. to determine if they are known/safe addresses
  • If you have any doubt then email the real service and ask - several people contacted Celsius Network today and Celsius tweeted and send email notifications that this offer was fraudulent

Here is the fake '' phishing site:

Phishing Example 


If you click on 'Web Wallet', you get these options to connect your wallet or provide the seed phrase, key, etc. - DON'T DO IT!!:

Phishing Example - Data collection


Stay safe out there!

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