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The big problem of the ledger data breach

By My_crypto_Ideas | MyCryptoIdea | 20 Jan 2021

I waited until I had calmed down before giving my opinion on the ledger data breach.
As far as I know, directly and indirectly, several spam and fishing mails have been sent to ledger users. These emails range from the classic 'you've won 50 000 dollars in Btc' to much more serious emails where physical threats are made against people close to them and their families.

These emails are very serious, let's make it clear that except in the case of people exposed publicly, I do not think there is a real threat that people with guns can come into your home, while still invite you to take all necessary precautions.

As we know, the world of decentralisation, at least for now, brings with it the problem of security.
What I find unbearable is the carelessness with which Ledger has addressed this issue. Leaving aside the fact that being a company that produces security devices has been hakered, which falls into the paradox, I find it unthinkable that the issue has been resolved with a simple do not share with anyone the 25 words of the seed.

As I potentially repeat, by mishandling the data of the people who bought your products, you put them and their families in danger.
Personally I don't think I'll be using any more products from the brand in question, and of course I'll turn to the competitors. I'm sorry about this because as user experience and design there is still no comparison with other brands.
However, the issue is very serious and I would have expected a less superficial management of the incident.

I hope there will be no negative events following the publication of such data, but if so, how will the company react to the news that someone has been threatened and robbed as a result of the data breach?


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