The YouTubers Who Hate Cryptocurrency, And MAYBE For A Profit...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 13 Aug 2023

I enjoy watching videos that are full of great, and useful, content.

I also enjoy watching videos that hate on crypto, just to see what the issues their minds.

When I can, I offer some advice that they will probably never heed, and go on my way stacking sats, and living on crypto.

These guys/gals obviously don't understand what the point is, and are Gensler mouth pieces shouting that we already have a "digital currency" called the lifeless dollar.

When in reality, they probably hold crypto, knowing that if you sell yours, the price will drop, so they can get more cheaper, and when the fiat dies, those with no crypto are out of luck...

So, just for fun, here is a short list of YouTubers who hate on crypto...just so you know.

#1. James Jani.

Just the other day I watched a few videos of his, and noticed that he had a very large following.

I also noticed that he had two Bitcoin videos.

One of those was titled something like Bitcoin is a scam, or something like that.

And from the very beginning of this video, I noticed that something was odd...

Not his English accent, not the quality of the video, even though it's obvious either he put a lot of money into it, OR someone else did.

Now, maybe I am 100% wrong, and you all know this guy, but the way he talked about Bitcoin and how the scam is to get investors in who can pay the guy who got in first...a Ponzi scheme, made me take pause.

Not ONE time did this guy talk about anything even remotely related to WHY Bitcoin was created, what it was supposed to do, or really any of the actual aspects of the currency.

He dove into rug pulls, BYAC, Board Yacht Ape Club, and how NFTs are a scam pushed by celebrities only to get rich off the little guy.

He never talked about anything other than the original empty arguments concerning the magical internet money.

"...and it all started with Bitcoin." This was near the end of the video.

Now some time ago I learned that when people engage in something, they will remember the beginning of the presentation, and the end.

These people know this as well, and this is why he ended the video with those make sure people remembered that it was the EVIL, shrouded in mystery, internet scam, hacker used, celebrity endorsed crypto called Bitcoin that caused you and I to get scammed into using it.

#2. Peter Schiff.

What can be said that hasn't been already, am I right?!

I really listen to this guy concerning gold and silver.

I stop the video when he starts knocking crypto.

He has some interesting points, and for the most part he sees what we see.

Now, gold and silver, in my opinion, are two very valuable assets that we all need to have.

Poor people stack silver, and the rich stack gold. I stack silver, and am wanting to have at least 100 ounces before the insanity starts.

But he is wrong about Bitcoin. People like him need to simply step away from that conversation, and focus on what good he does do with precious metals.

#3. The Gravel Institute.

Watching their videos gave me the creeps at times.

First, they are woke, and hate capitalism. They say big government isn't the real problem, and in general, hate America.

They have a Bitcoin video too... and boy did it feel like they were driving home the notion that if you invest in Bitcoin, you are gambling and are a sucker for doing so.

Beyond that, at least they do talk about some of its qualities, but in the end call it a Ponzi scheme and a bad investment.

The guy talks about the only reason people invest, is because they expect to get rich in the future.

They don't talk about people like myself, or Michael Saylor who simply HOLD it for the future.

I stopped spending my Bitcoin on UberEATS....

I digress.

This is really how we should expect the establishment to act when confronting a world changing system like Bitcoin.

If you are ignorant, and don't care how crypto works, then you slander it and make dumb videos like they did.

That's all for today...

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below...👇🏻



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