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The War BEFORE The War...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 2 Mar 2023

It's nothing new coming from Russia, that the war has escalated into more of a "wait your turn, (add country name here) to fight Russia."

This war is not going to end with just those two countries duking it out, it's going to end up taking the rest of the world with it.

Just look at the legacy fake media, they are all saying Russia is losing, so various countries are helping Ukraine even more.

But this isn't the case at all, and thinking folks know this.

See, Putin is no dummy, and definitely isn't another Hitler. He is seeking a place in Agenda 2030. 

But what does that mean?

It means a unified Russia. With Kiev as the capitol city. But why Kiev, why not Moscow?

Back a thousand years ago, the people who lived in the area of Kiev were known as the Kievan Rus. 

Basil the 1st, of the Byzantine empire (which is now Turkey), and Vlad the 2nd of the Kievan Rus were both born in 958 A.D.

Later when they were both 30 years of age, Vlad was baptized into the eastern Orthodox Christian church, and married Basils sister.

When he returned to his homeland, all of the Kievan Rus were baptized into the eastern Orthodox church.

As time marched on, the country grew into the Russian empire that finally collapsed in 1989, 1990. The country broke up into several countries, and one was Ukraine. 

The capitol of Ukraine is Kiev. The ancestral beginning of the Russian empire.

As the years passed many wanted to see Russia return to its former glory and one of those many people was Vladimir Putin.

After the Russian empire broke up, there was the talk that a New World Order would organize the world into blocks, and that there would be a need for a one world government.

The block that interested Vladimir Putin, was the Russian block...which included Ukraine.

If you look at the one world government maps, you will see that this was planned, and since this was the case, Putin has been trying to keep Ukraine out of NATO.

If he could get Ukraine back, then his vision of a united Russia would be a reality, and he would have the blessing of the globalists who created the map.

This "war" is just a facade to bring the world into WW3, and restructure the entire map so the elites can have an easier time enslaving the people.

There will be a one world government, and really, there already is, called the WEF, (world economic forum).

Everyone will be traced by a digital ID, and live in 15 minute cities. We will be forced to use CBDCs, and use ride-sharing for everything in electric cars.

The developing countries will be forced into the fold by 2030, and by then, every president of every country will be a WEF puppet.

There are several other things coming, and we should prepare now before 2024. That is when the serious crackdowns will happen, because their goal is to have 100% compliance by 2029-2030.

But we should also remember that with every evil thing man can and will do to their fellow men, faithful and caring people will be there doing their best to get people out of the slave system.

I believe around 2027 or 2028, there will come a group of good hearted people who try and undo this wickedness the globalists have thrown on the world.

There will be revolution, and revival.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the future of what we see happening in our crazy world...


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