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The BIG Mental War, How We Can Fall Into The Bearish Crypto Mental Trap......

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 28 Nov 2023

I heard a debate recently where several people argued over the best way to debate about what money is.

Saying things like, "no, that isn't the correct question..." when someone asked how crypto changed the world. He replied, "the correct question is 'how has crypto impacted the environment..."

Another group of people, in another podcast, argued over the nature of the human attention span, and why crypto was for those who could NOT see into the future.

The argument was so crazy, because one guy said that without legislation, and regulation in crypto, it's the wild west where people are out gun slinging trying to make a quick profit, at the expense of Others.

They were watching as the world crashes around them, not understanding how dangerous crypto is to the environment, and to the poor... whatever that means.

And in yet another podcast, two people debated over finances, currencies, and crypto, and where people should invest for the future.

Since I take in a lot of content, this post is also a warning to myself...

If we know it or not, sometimes this much exposure to negativity in the space, could wear us out.

Maybe this is the purpose for so many Naysayers spouting nonsense about crypto.

It's to get that negative seed planted, and once it takes hold, it could sprout into full doubt and abandonment of a revolution.

So, as a warning to myself as well, take in as little content that is against Bitcoin as you possibly can. 

This isn't saying you will turn your back on it, it's saying that we all should simply be careful what we take in on a daily basis.

Trust me, I am cutting out at least 75% of the content I watch, and listen to.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below...👇🏻


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