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Should PublishOx Have Bitcoin Tips, INSTEAD Of Ethereum To Bring Down Fees...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 26 Apr 2023

I just want to say, right off the bat, that this is in NO way me bashing this site, it's a simple observation...

Being a publisher here since 2021, there have been several times where admin said things like "transactions will be sent when gas fees go down", or something to that effect.

Now that Ethereum has moved to PoS, (Proof of Stake), I am not sure how the gas fees work. 

Let's say that things are much better, and fees are very low, so now we don't need to wait for transactions.. great. No more worries.

Let's also look at the other side of the coin...

Fees are the same, and transactions are still held longer. This really is a possibility.

Although, I haven't seen any of these notifications here recently, it doesn't mean we are golden though.

This too may be a moot point if after the PoW move to PoS there was a serious restructuring of the fees.

In reality, wouldn't Bitcoin just be a better option? Not to hate on Ethereum more than I normally do, but normally the fees are much lower, (I say normally, knowing that on a few occasions the BTC fees were pretty high...)

If there is a problem with the amount to transfer, just remember, FaucetPay is one of a few wallets that accept dust payments.

This is simply my take on things, my opinion. So...

Maybe I'm crazy, and if you think I am, just let me know in the comments below...👇🏻


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