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My Various Earning Sites...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 16 Apr 2022

For a few years now, I have been using sites to gather small amounts of Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Just to be clear, after several mishaps posting my referral link here in the past, I like to tell folks when I am posting one.

The reason is because before, I didn't do as much research into a project as I should have, and folks who joined under my link, including myself, were tricked into handing over our emails and passwords.

Now, I do the full research on a project before posting...

(Obviously there will be referral links in this list, but not all are...)

These are the sites that have been paying out and that I have never had issues with.

#1. Cointiply. A well established site where you can get coins for rolling the faucet, offers, surveys, battle heroes (NEW) and collect from quests.

#2. Neobux. (referral link) This site has been around since 2009, and I have had several payouts. About a year ago they enabled Bitcoin withdraws and that is how I have been taking my earnings. 

Neobux is an amazing site, well established, and respected worldwide. 

You watch ads, offers, and other various tasks for coins, or USD.

You MUST use a mouse to click and view ads because they do not allow clicks by touch views...

It really is one of the best.

#3. A well established gambling site with a faucet, and other ways to gain Bitcoin. 

#4. ES Faucet. (referral link) Another great earning site with faucets, videos, ads, and a learning center. Collect their ES Coin to level up and get bigger payouts.

#5. StakeCube. (referral link) A great site to stake your POS coins. They also give interest on Bitcoin starting at .0005 BTC, .05 Litecoin, .05 Dash, 1000 Dogecoin. They have a faucet with several coins.

#6. GetDoge. Do several tasks to gain Dogecoin.

#7. RollerCoin. A great site where you use a mining simulator to get various coins after playing games.

#8. DutchyCorp Faucet (referral link) Watch ads, roll the faucet that changes to a different coin monthly. Gain more Dutchy, exchange it for over 40 different coins.

#9. BTCPop. (referral link) Bitcoin loans, grab some coins with their 30 minute faucet collecting various coins, trade on their exchange.

#10. BitcoinKer. (referral link) collect Bitcoin every 5 minutes and get their loyalty bonuses.

#11. Spin their wheel and win prizes. Cash out when you have $100 or more.

#12. DogeMate. Various tasks to get Dogecoin.

#13. Bastyon.  A social media platform on the Blockchain. Decentralized and upsetting the other social media wrecks like fakebook and twitter.

#14. Fire Faucet. Another great way to get some Bitcoin along with a few others.

#15. Swagbucks. (referral link) Do surveys, watch videos, play games, and get some great gift cards when you have enough to cash out.

#16. Horizen. Get the crypto Horizen via faucet.

#17. GPTPlanet. Very similar site to Neobux where you can view ads, videos, surveys, polls, offers, and cash out with Bitcoin or other ways. 

A trusted site and we'll established.

#18. Scarlet Clicks.  The sister site to GPTPlanet, and just like them you have various ways to earn. This too is a well established site.

That is not the full list, but I am still trying some of these new ones out and may in the future post about them if they become great places to gain more crypto.

If you would like to get in touch with me:

[email protected]

If you would like to donate to help my off grid project:

Bitcoin... 3FfC3Ue49JyLNJfn4obYnPQGe43WB9dE9r

Dogecoin... DJmasudxLExATbo5HNHYAgrqVXPpJpxyQe

Thanks for reading, friends!

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