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Meet The Men Who Made EVERYONE Mad...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 23 Mar 2023

In crypto, we can be sure that the ups and downs will eventually make us all want to file for divorce, and move to another planet.

And to make things worse, every once in a while, a few guys come along who kick us while we're down, and add more injury.

A few losers who caused so much destruction in crypto, and even some who simply got away with it.

Here is a list of people who upset not only the cryptoshere, but the users as well...

#1. Sam Bankman-Fried. Still enemy #1 to crypto.

This guy hasn't just made enemies, he has had death threats for his actions when his exchange FTX collapsed in November.

Losing more than 90% of his wealth in a matter of days, he is now sitting in jail in the USA for fraud and a host of other crimes against the crypto world.

Being one of the youngest billionaires he was once made out to be a humanitarian serving the "little guy", when in fact it was found that he was laundering money with ties to Ukraine and the US government.

The crypto space plummeted after a series of exchanges failed, but when it was revealed FTX was insolvent, crypto freaked out and the space melted.

#2. Craig Wright. The man no one believes is the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Obviously the identity of the famous creator of Bitcoin was at one time a serious mystery, and folks were dying to know.

But as time moved on, people saw that the crypto was the important part of the creation, not to mention the breakthrough technology called Blockchain.

The once mystery turned into little more than an annoying side note, that when Wright entered the scene, folks didn't believe him, and no one took his claims seriously.

#3. Gary Gensler-SEC, Jerome Powell & Michael Barr-FED, Elizabeth Warren-CongressThe 4 horseman who ride against crypto.

Even though Warren is a woman, she acts like the guys at the top who fight against crypto daily.

In my last post, I talked about why the FED and SEC are attacking the cryptoshere, and how it might look in the future with regulation.

It's no secret that these 4 people alone are disliked by all crypto lovers everywhere for their insanity behind legislation and regulation that limits crypto.

#4. Justin Sun. The rich scammer.

From day one, the TRON network was, in my eyes, the useless, weak, going nowhere platform.

After many tron related websites popped up and stole users money, Justin Sun was blamed.

Many believe that he was behind the rug pulls and even today many, including myself, believe his huge million dollar transfer was scammy.

#5. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg. The billionaires that crypto was fine without.

Many may say that Elon pumped Dogecoin and that was a good thing, and others say the opposite.

Regardless how we look at it, for better or for worse, crypto was thrust into the spotlight on several occasions after a few of his tweets.

Mark marketing META, melted monumentally.

Not too many liked the guy before, and fewer after his META nonsense. Even the coin that was always "on the way" was a flop, and for unknown reasons, he ended that too.

Jeff too has many haters, and this was long before he decided his company Amazon would take crypto payments. 

His many ideas turned out to be duds, and now no one, as far as I know, will be receiving their products via drone.

#6. Bitboy Crypto, (aka) Benjamin Armstrong. The crypto YouTuber who shilled his way to the top.

Now, to be fair, I enjoyed watching his videos. They are sometimes entertaining, and even a bit over the top for my taste.

But I also have this side of me that understands why people get mad when they see his face.

His humble demeanor in the past won him many followers, but over time, he has decided to do the shock and awe routine that upsets people.

At this moment there is a lawsuit against him claiming he promoted FTX and got some kind of financial gift for it. But he has said in a few recent videos that he never promoted FTX, and never received any money from FTX.

With these people in the headlines making waves, it isn't hard to see why they made so many people angry.

I am sure in the future I will be adding names to this list. But for now, these are the ones who I have seen people hate on over the years I have been in the space.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know your thoughts in the comments below...






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