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I Have An Idea...

By CodyMac50 | MyCripticLife | 6 Apr 2022

This morning, sitting in my camp, watching the sun rise with a cup of coffee in hand, and a pen waiting to write in the hit me.

This adventure on the mountain, getting this site built up, digging, and clearing, and burning weeds, gathering things for the mulch, for the gardens, and for my hut, has given me a lot to think about.

I an 46 years old, and I came to Mexico for the freedom that most Americans lost in 2020 and 2021.

I simply wanted to make a community for folks escaping the tyranny in both my country of America, and our northern neighbors in Canada.

The dream was to get it set up, and running and working well before the people got here, so not much else would be needed to get done.

Now, seeing that many areas are open, ready to go, an idea hit me and I want to get it moving forward too...

Several years ago, before I ever thought about leaving, I was still collecting crypto online after work in the evenings.

Idaho at that time had no Bitcoin ATMs and I was simply stacking says and not really doing anything with them.

There was a website that allowed you to view the progress of the farm, practically in real time, and you could purchase a small plot of the land and veggies would be planted, and you would receive a payout when your veggies were harvested around 2 to 4 months later.

I really thought about it, and since I have a ton of empty areas, I believe that this could be a way to go.

I thought about several things like once the small plot was "leased" not purchased, then certain veggies according to the climate here, would be planted.


The person leasing the land online would choose which plants, and would pay for them but I would be taking care of it all.

I could split the area up into "cells" or small "blocks" and issue a token when the land is leased, and that token could be an NFT and you could stake it on a platform for other rewards as well, and proof that you leased a plot, and the image on the token would be what veggies you wanted planted.

Once the produce was ready to harvest, the lease would be up, and the token would need to be returned in exchange for Bitcoin, or another crypto. 

For example, if the current price for tomatoes (MXN, prices, not USD prices!) for 1 kilo is 30 pesos, (just an example, folks...) Then the token holder would get 25 pesos, and I would retain 5 pesos.

This is just an IDEA...and one I was thinking about to help the crypto community, to help grow awareness of my efforts, and to help grow the project, (because I need to survive and eat too... 😂)

Let me know what you all think in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

And if you would like to get in touch, here is my email.

[email protected]

If you would like to help me out in my off grid project, please consider donating to the crypto addresses below...

Bitcoin: 3FfC3Ue49JyLNJfn4obYnPQGe43WB9dE9r

Dogecoin: DJmasudxLExATbo5HNHYAgrqVXPpJpxyQe


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I'm Cody and will post about anything christian, crypto, and sometimes crazy...


I was involved with crypto since 2012, but left after homelessness entered my life. Now I am back, (since July of 2020) and ready to live this crypto life!

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