YearnSwap and Reward 10 YSF ~$50!!!

YearnSwap and Reward 10 YSF ~$50!!!

By Mycoolway | mycoolway | 15 Oct 2020

AirDrop 10 YSF and 1 YSF for refferal.

YearnSwap is a decentralized ecosystem of aggregators that utilize lending services such as Aave, YFi, Compound, P2PL , and Fulcrum to optimize your token lending and a decentralized Exchange with fully automated market making on the ethereum blockchain .

- Telegram
- Twitter
- ERC-20 address (Ethereum, Trust Wallet, Metamask)

End of AirDrop date - November 15, 2020

Steps on how to do AirDrop:
1) Go here on Telegram with this link -> CLICK HERE
2) Captcha
3) Continue
4) Click "Submit details"
5) Fallow Twitter and submit your login
6) Retweet pinned post and paste your retweet link
7) Join Telegram groups - then click "Done"
8) Paste and submit your ETH-ERC20 address

Done :)

Use your link to refer friends and earn 1 YSF per each Verified refferal.

Good lack.


Im very interesting with eco trend and cryptocurrency.


Some my trading and life hacks :)

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