bitcoin end-of-month analysis

bitcoin end-of-month analysis

By Matteofazz | mybitcoin | 31 Mar 2019

we are very close to the high of $ 4236. in the monthly we have 2 beautiful green candles that we have not seen in all 2018; what is the beginning of a new bullish cycle ???


on the logarithmic graph nothing new we are approaching the trend line in yellow. But now let's look at the percentage chart


the trend line drawn on weekly closures from April 2018 onwards has been broken.

So far this trend line has always made us bounce down but this time it seems like it won't hold up

we can only hope that the bears have lost control


let's see how the month of April begins


thanks to everyone for the tips I received in previous posts, I hope to bring help to everyone and an opportunity for mass adoption



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