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How many of us use Facebook? Do you know other social media aside from Steemit that reward coins just by using it? Let me mention some of them here, but these are not Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Well, as of this time, Facebook has yet to launch their own coin called LIBRA. But some social media start-ups had done already their own ICO, and although their coin value is not much of significance, it can be a promising as inspiring project. Now, if you like Facebook, you've got to enjoy

POPNOMICS, VK (VKontakte), 

Popnomics is a social media that pays. If Facebook LIBRA will be a utility coin that you can use to buy and sell products and services in Face book, POPNOMICS has Popular coin already listed in their Coinmarketcap at $.000023 value. Being a utility token, pop coin can be minted by users by posting daily to the platform. It has to be only different from Facebook. It contains only good posts, advertising accepted, no obscene words or videos and users can buy and sell as well.

To mint daily Pop Coin, user must be active logging in to your account and posts daily, make 3 comments/reactions to some posts to earn free 1200 pop coins.




                   Vkontakte (VK), the so-called “Russian Facebook”, launched an internal digital currency this April, ahead of its US competitor. According                           to   the social media giant, the VK Coin registered over 4 million users just one week after launch. Vkontakte members can “mine” for coins                       through an app integrated into the VK social media platform. They can use their earnings to buy services on the platform and send coins to                      other users. They can even transform VK Coins into fiat currency. Another engaging feature of the app is a competition for the top winners’                      list.  This includes the users with the highest VK Coin holdings. However, the current VK Coin is far from being a real cryptocurrency. For now,                    it’s little more  than an experiment, the Russian social media giant is performing to understand how fans might engage with a digital coin.

                    Don't you know that the creator of this VKontakte , a FAcebook Russian version,  is also the one behind Telegram  app and defunct                                 GRAM token? Being a Russian,  does it seemed the secet block of his GRAM token launch despite so many investors joining in? Yes, the                           Telegram  messaging app  were founded by the two brothers Nicolai  Durov and Pavel Durov . Pavel Durov created first the VKontakte social                     media  while he was in Russia. It was the largest social network in Russia with 400 million users while Telegram has also 300 million users.             


            Minds: Open source social media platform. Earn Minds ERC20 tokens for contributions. Main user interests: politics/activism. Alexa ranking:                      9,611. Similar to: Twitter/Facebook.

             Dtube: IPFS-based, Steem blockchain dapp. Video sharing platform. Earn Steem to post and curate. Main user interests: news, visual arts. Alexa                 ranking: 24,832. Similar to: Youtube.

             Earn: Coinbase’s targeted microtask earning platform/app. Earn crypto by replying to emails or completing small tasks. Main user interests:                       economics, technology. Alexa ranking: 59,172. Similar to: n/a.

              ETHEREUM DAPPS not a social media but a blockchain platform.

             Socialx: Photo and video sharing blockchain-based platform. Earn SOCX coins for contribution and licensing. Main user interests: n/a. Alexa                     ranking: 2,030,873. Similar to: Instagram.

             And there are lot more promising but start-ups. For more of these, please visit Thank you and hope I curated the content to tip me               more. Please comment here what do you want to discuss in the next issue.



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