My way to be a farmer of magical internet money #3

My PC had been working ambitiously for a while now, but somehow it all took me too long. So it takes me years until the 12TB are plotted and I am overtaken by everyone else who, in case of doubt, even had a week's lead.

That's when I saw a comment on Reddit. Parallel plotting. Why the hell didn't I come up with that myself? Roughly 2 threads and 4GB of RAM are used per plot. The CPU has 12 threads and I also have 16GB of RAM. How stupid am i?


I couldn't wait for the plot to be finished and tested it out straight away. 2 plots in parallel, each with 6GB of RAM and 6 threads available. Hot! One plot ran on the Games SSD, the other on the OS SSD. Sounds like a damn good plan, I earned some self-praise for that. (Oh yeah, is it?)

It turns out that this process takes about 10 hours. 2 simultaneous plots in 10 hours, 1 single 8 hours? It was definitely worth it. The anticipation rose, and so did the plots. By now I had plotted a good 1TB and the display shrank from 2 months to 1 month. I got closer to ultimate wealth. Bit by bit.

But the real question is, what am I doing here anyway? And am I really doing this right? We will see.

PS: The spare part is still missing.

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My way to be a farmer of magical internet money
My way to be a farmer of magical internet money

Meet me on my journey to became a Chia farming whale and get stupid rich. #spoileralert #notgonnahappen

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