What is Fantom?

By SpartanCrypto | My View, Your Choice | 16 Mar 2022

As an avid cryptocurrency investor, I love taking a look into cryptocurrencies that are performing well and have strong potential to drive them forward. There aren't many cryptocurrencies out there in the market that are reliable, besides the big tokens such as BTC, ETH, and BNB. A side note I would like to share; always use your due diligence when investing in cryptocurrency. If someone repeatedly asks you to invest in altcoins you have never heard of, always assume that it will likely be fraudulent.

However, I will keep this post brief, and share some of my findings of the Fantom chain, and the Fantom (FTM) token as an investor. Here are some key findings that help people to understand about everything-Fantom:

Fantom transactions are completed in a fraction of a second and less than a cent oftentimes. This is because the arbiter nodes in the Fantom Proof-of-Stake network comprise a worldwide, fully decentralized, and leaderless Proof-of-Stake system. Even as of now, Fantom can expand to multiple nodes and process thousands of transactions per second. Also, EVM is supported by Fantom, and it is a platform for deploying and operating Ethereum decentralized applications.

As an investor, one is able to generate up to 4% APY on their capital, with up to 13% for just a one-year dedication to pledging. In addition, one can choose their reward tokens, and once can lock their delegation for any length of time, from no freeze to up to a year for enhanced staking rewards.

As I have researched quite some bit about Fantom, I am wanting to explore it a bit more and try out some of its dAPPS and exchanges. For now though, I hope you learned some thing important about Fantom!

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