My view on life and stuff. (a.k.a. the only truth)
My view on life and stuff. (a.k.a. the only truth)

My view on life and stuff. (a.k.a. the only truth)

I give you my wisdom on life or the world or civilisation or whatever. It shall be the only truth that is truely true. You do not have to agree ofcourse, you have the right to be wrong.

A down, depressed cloud is darkening my thoughts now.

21 Jul 2021 7 minute read 0 comments deuZige

So.... what's up? I am having a little crisis of the mind at the moment. The house is silent, I’m alone, sober, and despite my best efforts my mind has decided to be stuck in contemplation mode. And well, t.b.h., when I think about a lot of things ri...

My miserable life, a cautionary story!

19 Jun 2021 10 minute read 1 comment deuZige

Preface.   Ramblings before i start the history part of my miserable story: I've come to realize something over the course of my life which if i'd known it two and a half-decade ago my life wouldn't have been as meaningless as it has been now. Rega...

Starting this blog: The most important blog ever!

26 Apr 2021 6 minute read 0 comments deuZige

Preface. I'm sure everyone has, at one point or another, asked themselves "What do i leave behind when i'm gone" or "Does my life's experience teach me anything that could benefit mankind?" or something along those lines. If not, i certainly hav...