A million dollar suggestion

Many years ago I was looking at a statistic that said if every multimillionaire and billionaire pooled a portion of their money they could give every known person in the world a million dollars each and still have money left over.

The idea of this boggles y mind.  I would like to suggest another alternative to earning that kind of money.

What if all of us folks who have some sort of income were to put in a single dollar each week or month into a fund and then each time the amount hit the million dollar mark, one of us who put in a dollar would then get the million dollar reward.  The funny thing is at the moment it's the way the local lottery works.  You buy a ticket or a number of tickets hoping your the one.  But how about a more guaranteed system.

This fund would be a continual funding by all so that the whole world could take advantage of the fund.  The only thing is you are only allowed to collect once and you would be asked to continually donate.

You could even simplify it down to a hundred thousand people giving ten dollars a week would work well.  The money could go into some interest bearing account so it could earn a bit extra.

I know this would be hard to do as most people don't think it would work or would be willing to wait for the money, but imagine the good it could do.

The math itself hurts my brain, but I could foresee the more people getting involved or adding more money to the pot to help the world we could all be in a better place.


What's your thoughts on this.  I would love to know.


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My Undiluted Thoughts

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