Portfolio October update - $17961 of passive crypto income

Portfolio October update - $17961 of passive crypto income

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 3 Nov 2021

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, I started tracking this portfolio now 20 months ago in full transparency. I provide updates of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in October 2021.

Crypto interests

The portfolio earnings reached $17961 this month, that's a 278% increase from the previous month and simply the record since I started this portfolio. The following tokens (including any kind of staking or interest rewards, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) contributed to the earnings:

  • 9865 TWD from Pylon. I counted this month all the token rewards since I invested in Terra World 3 months ago as the token got finally an accessible price. So, this part of the interest contains an exceptional contribution and reaches around $4000.
  • 3745 USDC from Sunny Aggregator on the Solana blockchain as rewards to my WBTC, SOL and USDC liquidity pools and from Abracadabra Money on Fantom blockchain as staking reward to my contribution to the 3poolV2 on Curve. For both incomes, I decided to claim and swap every day the SBR, SUNNY and SPELL rewards for USDC and reinvest them in the liquidity pools. If that strategy seems good for SBR and SUNNY, it was probably a mistake for SPELL as the price increased 7 times this month... 
  • 103 CVX from Convex Finance as interest on my cvxCRV, rETH, LINK and EURT liquidity pools. The value of this interest basically tripled from last month to reach around $3000. The main raisons is that the price of CVX tripled from last month but I also was very lucky to indirectly benefit from the incentives provided to the vote on the rETH liquidity pool from Votium. This is a mechanism I'll try to use more in the following months.
  • 462 CRV from Convex Finance and as reward to my participation to the rETH, LINK, EURS and EURT liquidity pools. Similarly to CVX, this interest value also tripled from last month mainly due to the CRV price increase (+150%) and the indirect benefit from Votium.
  • 280 OSMO from Osmosis as rewards from my share of the ATOM/OSMO, CRO/OSMO and LUNA/OSMO liquidity pools on the COSMOS blockchain.
  • 777 LOOP from Pylon. I counted this month all the token rewards since I invested in Loop 3 months ago as the token got finally an accessible price. So this part of the interest contains an exceptional contribution.
  • 1547 PSI from Nexus protocol. I invested this month directly there in the UST/PSI liquidity pool.
  • 407 VKR from Pylon. I invested this month in Valkyrie Protocol.
  • 198 MATIC from Adamant Finance as ADDY staking dividends.
  • 71.90 CEL from Celsius Network as interest on my CEL, 0x and UNI tokens
  • 41.84 ADDY from Adamant Finance as reward to my participation to the WETH/WBTC liquidity pool. I largely reduced my usage of Adamant this month as the yields offered on Polygon decreased a lot.
  • 1674 MINE from Pylon
  • 107 FIS from Convex Finance as reward to my participation on my rETH liquidity pools
  • 126 UST/3Crv from Anchor/Convex Finance
  • 17 CHESS from Tranchess as interest on my BTCB.
  • 0.91 DOT from Celsius Network as interest on my DOT
  • 76.7 CHSB from SwissBorg as interest on the Smart Yield account for CHSB tokens
  • 16.73 ADA from Binance as locked staking reward on my ADA tokens.
  • 3.04 SNX from Celsius Network as interest on my SNX
  • 55.17 EPS from Convex Finance as Airdrop from Ellipsis platform.
  • 0.688 LUNA from Terra as staking reward for my LUNA
  • 0.018 AUTO from Autofarm as interest on my BNB
  • 1.35 SUSHI from Sushiswap as staking reward for my SUSHI tokens.
  • 5.57 AUDIO from Audius
  • 0.05 FARM from Harvest Finance as staking reward for my FARM tokens.
  • 1.35 BAT from Brave from ads.
  • 0.001 DASH from Binance as locked staking reward on my DASH tokens

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interests: 

Portfolio interest history - october

Regarding the interest composition, TWD(22%), USDC(20.8%), CVX(16.8%), CRV(11.2%), OSMO(8.3%) are the top contributors. The remaining 22 sources are only around 20%. The raise of interest this month was mainly due the inclusion of new and existing rewards from Pylon and by the very high increase of the rewards coming from Convex Finance, and especially indirectly due to the brides coming from Votium.

Portfolio interest composition - october

Transactions realized

At the beginning of the month,

  • As discussed last month, I moved my stable coins from Polygon to Fantom Abracadabra Money's Farm using Curve for approximately 35% APY. To do so, I used the Polygon/Ethereum official bridge and then the SpookySwap bridge. A direct transfer from Polygon might be possible now.
  • To get some FTM tokens on Fantom, I swapped my DASH tokens for FTM on Binance and sent them to my Fantom wallet.
  • I moved most my remaining liquidity (ADDY, CRV and WMATIC tokens) on Polygon into a WBTC/WETH liquidity pool on Adamant Finance for about 20% APY.
  • I reinvested half of my OSMO daily interest into CRO and used them both to add to the CRO/OSMO liquidity pool on Osmosis for around 150% APY. The idea behind that was to create a CRO position before the launch of the Crypto.org public blockchain.

Middle of the month,

  • I removed my CHSB token from the SwissBorg Smart Yield and converted them into Luna using Binance. I then staked my Luna on my Terra wallet. The idea is that the momentum of CHSB (and CEL) tokens is really bad since a few months and it is the opposite for the Terra echosystem. Additionally, the staking yield of Luna is increasing and the related airdrops should also increase. I still kept the CHSB needed to maintain my genesis premium status at SwissBorg.

End of the month,

  • I claimed and locked my CVX rewards from Convex Finance a Saturday morning when the gas fees were fairly reasonable on Ethereum. Similarly I staked my CRV rewards on Convex Finance.
  • At the same time, I converted my FIS rewards as ETH to be able to pay the gas fees.
  • I reinvested half of my OSMO daily interest into LUNA and used them both to add to the LUNA/OSMO liquidity pool on Osmosis for around 180% APY. The idea behind that is to benefit from the good momentum of Luna and the new availability of the Cosmos/Terra bridge.

Evolution of the portfolio value

  • The portfolio finished the month with a gain of $92K which is +14.3% and an end of month all times high.
  • If we look at the performance of the main components of the portfolio, the portfolio did worth than ETH (+31%) and BTC (+26.8%) but way better than CHSB (-9.7%) and CEL (-26.9%).

Portfolio value - october

  • The stable coin allocation is now 17.9% which is inline with my 15-20% target range.
  • The ETH/BTC allocation is around 55.6%, which is a bit higher than my 40-50% target range. I will probably rebalance end of next month.
  • CEL/CHSB is now around 13.3% which is going down fairly quickly. A few months ago, these two tokens were at around 30%. I'll give them a few months more to react but their momentum is really depressed.  

Portfolio allocation

Regarding the evolution of the portfolio value vs the capital invested, the portfolio managed to increase its margin compared to the value invested.

Capital invested vs portfolio value

The portfolio performance of +14.3% of this month is inline with the average monthly performance of +14%.

Portfolio performance


Things to look forward in November

In November, I'm looking forward to the evolution of the Terra and Cosmos ecosystems with the release of new protocols. I'll be also checking regularly Pylon to potentially invest more of my stable coins in new projects. I'll probably change a bit the liquidity pools I'm using to better profit of the Votium brides. Finally, I'll continue tracking the depressing evolution of CEL and CHSB.

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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

This blog tracks the evolution of my token portfolio. In includes a transparent list of apps, services, tokens, transactions I'll be doing while trying to manage this portfolio.

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