Portfolio January update - $8521 of passive crypto income

Portfolio January update - $8521 of passive crypto income

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 2 Feb 2022

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, I started tracking this portfolio now 23 months ago in full transparency. I provide updates of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in January 2022.

Crypto interests

The portfolio earnings reached $8521 this month, that's a 29% decrease from the previous month. The following tokens (including any kind of staking or interest rewards, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) contributed to the earnings. They are ordered from the largest to the lowest contribution:

  • 206 OSMO from Osmosis as rewards from my share of the ATOM/OSMO, CRO/OSMO, LUNA/OSMO, SCRT/OSMO and STARS/OSMO liquidity pools.
  • 430.09 CRV from Convex Finance and Curve as reward to my participation to the rETH, LINK, EURT, ibBTC and UST liquidity pools and from the ATriCrypto3 pools on polygon. I also received some as brides from Votium thanks to Lama Airforce.
  • 1476 STARS from Stargaze as airdrop thanks to my usage of Osmosis liquidity pools.
  • 27.30 CVX from Convex Finance as interest on my shares of the cvxCRV, rETH, LINK, EURT, ibBTC and LUNA liquidity pools. I also received some as brides from Votium.
  • 432.37 HND from Hundred Finance as interest for staking my USD stable coins.
  • 501 USD from Anchor(UST), Convex Finance(3Crv), Autofarm on Cronos as reward to my contribution to the USDT/USDC liquidity pool and from KyberSwap on Polygon as rewards to my contribution to the jCHF/USDC liquidity pool. I claimed and swapped every day the AUR-FEB22 rewards for USDC.
  • 3.12 rDPX from Dopex as reward on my shares of the rDPX/ETH liquidity pool.
  • 4.67 LUNA from Terra as staking reward for my LUNA and as brides from Votium.
  • 2.83 AVAX from Beefy as staking rewards for my AVAX and from Ribbon Finance as covered calls earnings.
  • 13390 LUM from Lum Network as airdrop and staking rewards thanks to my usage of Osmosis liquidity pools.
  • 0.09 DPX from Dopex as reward on my shares of the DPX/ETH liquidity pool.
  • 2247 GLOW from Pylon and airdrop from Glow thanks to my LUNA staking.
  • 161.42 XDEFI from Pylon.
  • 720 LOOP from Pylon.
  • 880 WHALE from Pylon.
  • 36.08 CEL from Celsius Network as interest on my CEL, 0x and UNI tokens.
  • 2284 TWD from Pylon.
  • 122.88 ANGLE as brides from Votium and as interest from Convex Finance on the EURT liquidity pool.
  • 1519 MINE from Pylon.
  • 2.4 FXS as brides from Votium.
  • 373.90 VKR from Pylon.
  • 6363 SPELL as brides from Votium and Convex Finance.
  • 21 EURS from Beefy as rewards to the 4EUR liquidity pools on polygon.
  • 61.91 OGN as brides from Votium.
  • 0.37 AXS from Binance as locked staking reward on my AXS tokens.
  • 0.94 DOT from Celsius Network as interest on my DOT.
  • 3.15 SNX from Celsius Network as interest on my SNX.
  • 266 ATLAS from lending ATLAS at Francium on Solana.
  • 71.15 EPS from Convex Finance as Airdrop from Ellipsis platform.
  • 0.06 ALCX as brides from Votium.
  • 0.05 FLX as brides from Votium.
  • 260 PSI from Pylon as staking reward for my MINE tokens.
  • 1.54 SAND from Binance as locked staking reward on my SAND tokens.
  • 0.05 FARM from Harvest Finance as staking reward for my FARM tokens.
  • 5.52 AUDIO from Audius.
  • 4.29 CHESS from Tranchess as interest on my BTCB.
  • 1.88 MATIC from Adamant Finance as ADDY staking dividends.
  • 3.76 ADDY from Adamant Finance as ADDY staking dividends.
  • 0.5 BAT from Brave from ads.
  • 0.0003 ILV from Binance as staking reward on my ILV tokens.
  • 62561 SAYVE from Pylon.

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interests: 

Interest history

Regarding the interest composition OSMO(20.2%), CVX(9.6%), HND(9%), STARS(13%) and CRV(17.9%) are the top contributors. The remaining 36 sources are only around 30.3%.

Interest composition

Transactions realized

Beginning of the month,

  • I moved most of my stable coins from KyberSwap on Polygon and Autofarm on Cronos to Hundred Finance on Fantom as the yield was around 40% APY as MIM.
  • I decided to remove the WBTC/ETH I had on Adamant Finance as the yield was very low and decreasing in value because of the ADDY token. I decided to move everything and some jEUR tokens I still had on polygon in the ATriCrypto3 pool on Curve for around 25% APY in CRV token. The reason is that the CRV token itself has a great yield (around 50% APY) and some a fairly low value.
  • I added around $18K of additional capital as UST stable coin part on Anchor, part in Pylon.
  • I removed 15000 CEL from my Celsius Network wallet and swapped them for CVX and BTRFLY tokens. The idea behind that was that CEL was not doing anything interesting for a long time, so I swapped it to CVX to increase my Votium bribes and invested in Redacted Cartel as it was intended to play the Curve war even more. CVX dumped as much as CEL during the month (-40%), but BTRFLY token dumped 80% because of all the OlympusDAO noise...   
  • I sold my BNB to invest in GNO and get the future airdrop from Cowswap.

Middle of the month,

  • I sold my GNO and invested in Dopex on Arbitrum. Dopex is doing a lot of noise on the crypto option market and the DPX/ETH and rDPX/ETH liquidity pools yields more than 120% APY.
  • I invested my AVAX into Ribbon Finance to try the covered call option strategy.
  • I received the STARS and LUM airdrops on COSMOS. Looking at the future airdrop list (see this link for OSMOSIS and this link for COSMOS), I decided to invest $1K of UST as COSMOS and OSMOS staking to try to improve my future airdrops.
  • I received the GLOW airdrop on Terra thanks to my LUNA staking.
  • I moved my BTCB from Tranchess on BSC to Yearn finance on Fantom as the yield was over 40% APY. This yield seems did not last long and is currently at around 13% APY which is still better than Tranchess.

End of the month,

  • I joined the Lama Airforce to avoid most of the Ethereum fees coming from the Votium bribes.
  • I got nervous by all the noises about SPELL/TIME tokens and the MIM depeg and removed all my stable coins from Hundred Finance as the yield was also decreasing a lot and moved everything in the UST pool on Ethereum in Convex Finance for around 25% APY. The fees are high but it generates CVX and CRV tokens which increase then the future yield and the bribes.

Evolution of the portfolio value

  • The portfolio finished the month with a loss of $120K which is -23.5%. This is the worst month since I'm tracking my portfolio, it is due obviously to the market but also bad timing for Redacted Cartel.
  • If we look at the performance of the main components of the portfolio, the portfolio did worth than BTC (-20.2%) but better than ETH (-26.7%), CVX(-40%) and LUNA (-42%).

Portfolio evolution

  • The stable coin allocation is now 28.2% which I'm comfortable with. I'll probably invest in non-stable coins as soon as I'm confident the market is growing again.
  • The ETH/BTC allocation is around 47%, which is inline with my 40-50% target range.
  • CRV/CVX allocation is around 8.7% and I would like to see it higher than 10%.

Portfolio allocation

The portfolio value decreased a lot this month but still has a conformable margin compared to the value invested.

Portfolio value vs capital invested

The portfolio performance of -23.2% this month is the worst since I'm tracking the performance of the portfolio:

Portfolio performances


Things to look forward in February

In February, I'm looking forward to the public availability of the Panther Protocol ZKP token. I'll monitor the next brides on Votium and the deployment of the Redacted Cartel and Dopex developments. 

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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

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