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Portfolio February update - $12401 of passive crypto income

Portfolio February update - $12401 of passive crypto income

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 2 Mar 2023

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, I started tracking this portfolio now 36 months ago in full transparency. I provide updates of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in February 2023.

Crypto interests

The portfolio earnings reached $12401 this month, that's a 118% increase from the previous month. The following tokens (including any kind of airdrops, mining, staking, interest rewards, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) contributed to the earnings. They are ordered from the largest to the lowest contribution:

  • 5.9 ETH from GMX and from Lend Flare as reward from respectively staking my GLP/GMX tokens and supplying ETH tokens. The largest part came from Lend Flare who does not provide regularly an ETH interest, but only when people are getting liquidated.
  • 1381997 LFT from Lend Flare as rewards for supplying ETH and WBTC
  • 9480 MON from Defi Franc as rewards from providing liquidity to the stability pool
  • 342 CRV from Convex Finance as reward to my participation to the cvxFXS/FXS, LINK/sLINK, FRAX/FPI liquidity pools, staking cvxCRV and locking CVX
  • 17.47 CVX from Convex Finance as interest on my shares of the LINK/sLINK, FRAX/FPI, FXS/cvxFXS liquidity pools, cvxCRV staking pool and CVX locking.
  • 8.05 FXS from Convex Finance as reward to my shares of the FXS/cvxFXS, FRAX/FPI liquidity pools and CVX locking. I also received my brides from Votium as FXS thanks to Lama Airforce.
  • 0.84 GMX from as staking interest.
  • 12.75 LUNA from Terra as staking rewards.
  • 3.04 HNT from my Helium access points.
  • 0.285 ATOM as staking reward from my ATOM.
  • 3.11 JUNO from my JUNO staking.
  • 1.14 OSMO from Osmosis as rewards from my share of the ATOM/OSMO and BTC/OSMO liquidity pools.

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interests: 

Interest history

This month, I'm adding a new diagram with annualized interest received per month. It shows how the interest received this month is exceptional. The average on the last 12 month is 17%.

Annualized monthly interest

Regarding the interest composition ETH(78%), LFT(10%), MON(7%) are the top contributors. The remaining sources are around 5%.

Interest composition

Transactions realized

Beginning of the month,

Middle of the month,

  • I removed my LINK tokens from the  LINK/sLINK liquidity pool on Convex Finance and converted them in AURA.
  • I claimed my LFT and MON rewards from Lend Flare and Defi Franc. This time I converted them all into AURA.
  • I also converted also some stable coins previously received from Convex Finance into AURA.
  • I locked all these AURA tokens into Aura Finance. The lock APY is low at 2.82% APY but the bribes received from Hidden Hand recently reached $0.31 per locked AURA, and they are received every 2 weeks. At current price if this continue, the bribes would be around 230% APY...

End of the month,

  • I compounded my GMX rewards.
  • I claimed my LFT and MON and WBTC rewards from Lend Flare and Defi Franc. This time I converted them all into WBTC and supplied them to Lend Flare.

Evolution of the portfolio value

  • The portfolio finished the month with a gain of $15K which is +4.5%.
  • The performances of the main components of the portfolio were fairly flat: GMX(+13%), FXS(+10.6%), ETH(+1.28%), WBTC(-0.38%), CVX(-2%), CRV(-6.76%),  

Portfolio evolution

  • The stable coins allocation decreased to 52.4%.
  • My portfolio allocation plan is the following:
    • keep the stable coin allocation between 60% and 40%.
    • At the end of the month
      • if the stable coins allocation goes higher than the range, sell stable coins and buy non-stable coins to go back in the middle of the range
      • if the stable coins allocation goes lower than the range, sell non-stable coins and buy stable coins to go back in the middle of the range
    • For the non stable coins allocation
      • Keep at least 50% in ETH/WBTC
      • Rest in good coins, currently my good coins list is CRV/CVX/FXS/GMX/AURA. This month I removed UMAMI and added AURA to this list.
      • Avoid staying invested very long in bad coins.
    • For the interest reinvestment strategy, I'll reinvest them in the "non-stable good coins" list if the stable coin allocation is higher than 50%, I'll reinvest them in stable coins otherwise.

Portfolio allocation

The portfolio value compared to the capital invested + earnings received increased this month and continued rebuilding a bit of margin.

Portfolio value vs value invested

The portfolio performance of +4.5% this month helped increase a bit the monthly average back to +7.12%

Portfolio performance history


Things to look forward in March

In March, I'm looking forward to the evolution of the macro situation as usual. I plan to stick to my new portfolio allocation strategy and maybe refine it. Finally I'll check the performance of my new AURA position. 

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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

This blog tracks the evolution of my token portfolio. In includes a transparent list of apps, services, tokens, transactions I'll be doing while trying to manage this portfolio.

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