Portfolio April update - $11365 of passive crypto income

Portfolio April update - $11365 of passive crypto income

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 2 May 2021

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, I started tracking this portfolio now 14 months ago in full transparency. I still provide updates of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in April.

Crypto interests

This month, the portfolio crypto interest exceeds $10K for the second consecutive month but this time without any exceptional rewards. I tried several new services (in bold), so the amount of token kinds increased again. The following 21 sources (including any kind of staking or interest rewards, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) contributed to the interest:

  • 5.02 BOR from BoringDAO as reward for staking oBTC and BOR tokens.
  • 452.08 CRV from Curve as reward to my participation to the ETH/stETH liquidity pools.
  • 826.48 LDO from  Curve as reward to my participation to the ETH/stETH liquidity pool
  • 62.34 CEL from Celsius Network as interest on my CEL, BTC, 0x, UNI and DASH tokens.
  • 0.12 ETH from SwissBorg as interest on the Smart Yield account for my ETH tokens.
  • 79.69 CHSB from SwissBorg as interest on the Smart Yield account for CHSB tokens.
  • 0.03 AUTO from Autofarm as reward on my BNB, LINK and DOT tokens.
  • 2.27 SNX from Celsius Network as interest on my SNX
  • 0.07 FARM from Harvest Finance as staking reward for my FARM tokens.
  • 19.96 ADA from Binance as locked staking reward on my ADA tokens.
  • 0.51 LUNA from Terra as staking rewards on my LUNA tokens.
  • 0.36 SUSHI from Sushiswap as staking reward for my SUSHI tokens.
  • 9.44 TFUEL from Theta Network as rewards for staking TFUEL and running a Theta Edge node.
  • 1.18 XTZ from Binance as locked staking reward on my XTZ tokens.
  • 1.57 BAT from Brave from ads.
  • 476.18 EPS from Ellipsis Finance as reward to my participation to the fUSDT/3pool liquidity pools.
  • 4.79 BUSD from Ellipsis Finance as reward to my staking of my EPS tokens.
  • 111.32 ICE from Ellipsis Finance and Posicle Finance as reward to my participation to the fUSDT/3pool liquidity pools and for stacking ICE.
  • 1601.53 MATIC from Curve and from AAVE as reward to my participation to the aDAI+aUSDC+aUSDT liquidity pool and lending MATIC. 
  • 0.156 BUNNY from Bunny Finance as reward on the BNB and BTCB and USDT pools.
  • 4.82 EGG from Goose Finance as reward on the DOT farm. 

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interests.

Interest history

Regarding the interest composition, BOR(29%), LDO(20%), CRV(13%), Matic(11%) and EPS(10%) are the top contributors of the interest. The remaining 16 sources are only 17%.

Interest composition

Transactions realized

At the beginning of the month,

  • I first reinvested my March LDO and CRV interest into oBTC and staked them into BoringDAO.
  • I also moved my BTC from Celsius Network (earning less than 5%) to Autofarm (announcing more than 20%). To do so, I used Binance to convert the BTC to BTCB.

Then, later in the month,

  • I also moved my USDC from Curve USDN/3pool liquidity pool and my DAI from Celsius Network to Ellipsis Finance fUSDT/3pool (announcing more than 80% at that time).
  • I sold again 20 ETH for some more oBTC and staked them also into BoringDAO.
  • I removed my ETH from SwissBorg as the yield was decreasing (less than 9%) and moved them fully into Curve ETH/stETH liquidity pool (where the interest is more than 15%).
  • I then had to move my DOT, BTCB, BNB and LINK from Autofarm as the pools not only changed once but were finally discontinued... So, after looking for some alternatives, I finally moved my DOT to  Goose Finance, my BTCB, BNB to Bunny Finance and my LINK to Venus. I must say that there are a lot of choices in the BSC side and many looks like Ponzy schemes... Basically anything requesting between 1% and 4% of deposit fees seems very suspicious.
  • I staked at Posicle Finance the ICE received from fUSDT/3pool at Ellipsis Finance to get more ICE (around 90% APY at that time).
  • A couple of weeks later, as I was not happy with the evolution of the EPS price and the fact that those earned EPS are locked for 3 months on Ellipsis Finance, I moved my USDC from Ellipsis Finance this time to Curve on the Polygon blockchain using Binance and Matic Wallet for the conversion. I had to purchase some Matic to enable the transactions, I used part of my LDO interest for that.

Finally, end of the month,

  • I reinvested the earned Matic on AAVE, also on the Polygon blockchain.
  • I liquidated my ICE and EGG interest for some USDT and moved them to Bunny Finance for around 38% APY.
  • I sold my LDO, CRV and BOR interest for some EURS and moved them on Yearn Finance for currently around 65% APY.
  • I unstaked my LUNA to be able to use them next month with Anchor Protocol.

Evolution of the portfolio value

  • The portfolio gained around $114K in March which is +21%. This is once again very high and is mainly coming from ETH (+49%), CEL (31%) and CHSB (+23%). BTC was disappointing this month with -1%. 
  • The volatility was very high: the portfolio started the month at around $534K, then reached around $620K middle of the month, then lost almost all the performance to finally finish the month at $649K.

Portfolio evolution

  • I rebalanced ETH for BTC this month, so I'm currently happy with the allocation, I think having between 40 and 50% between both is fine.
  • Regarding the stable coin allocation, I've merged my DAI and USDC allocation and I'm building a EURS allocation still with the goal to have between 15 and 20% between both. 
  • I'm very happy of both CEL and CHSB performances this month. Here the target is to keep both at around 15% while I see growth potential in Celsius Network and SwissBorg.

Portfolio allocation

Regarding the evolution of the portfolio value vs the capital invested, the portfolio value has still increased its margin compared to the value invested. The stable coin part of the portfolio as well as the interest received are now higher than the value invested.

Portfolio value vs capital invested

Things to look forward to in May

In May, I'll keep monitoring the yields of my various investments and the introduction of new services on the Polygon blockchain. I'll reinvest some of my interest into EURS to build that position. I'm also looking forward for the announcements from SwissBorg and the new investment possibilities in Celsius Network.

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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

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