How I earned $246 of crypto interest in August

How I earned $246 of crypto interest in August

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 2 Sep 2020

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, it's already the 7th post where I provide an update of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in August.

Crypto interests received in August

I received $246 of interest (including crypto interest, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) from the following sources in June:

  • 4.94 BAT from Brave from ads and referee bonus.
  • 3.5 BAT from Aave, more on that later in the post.
  • 30.90 USD from CredEarn as interest on my BAT and ETH.
  • 29 USD from Coinbase Earn by watching EOS videos, XLM videos and COMP videos.
  • 445.65 CEL from Celsius Network as interest on my BTC, ETH, CEL, DASH, USDC, USDT, LINK, SNX and 0x.
  • 0.00172 BTC from Celsius Network as promo code from a previous deposit 

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interest with current crypto prices.

Crypto interest evolution

Transactions realized in August

  • Reinvested the CredEarn interest into ZRX tokens and moved those token into my Celsius Network wallet to earn 4.08% per year.
  • Reinvested the Coinbase Earn tokens into XTZ and staked them on Binance to earn around 6.5% per year.
  • Exchanged all my ANT tokens for USDC (see last month post for the details) doing a 300% gain and moved them in my Celsius Network wallet to earn 15.89% per year
  • Opened an account with SwissBorg, moved basically $22000 of new cash in this account, purchased and staked 50000 CHSB to benefit from a premium account. This premium account allows exchanging fiat and crypto with almost no fees with the best rates possible. I used the rest of the cash to purchase 1.37 bitcoin and moved it in my Celsius Network wallet to earn 6.2% per year.
  • After seeing my BAT yearly interests fall to 0.02% in June on Compound, I moved them to Celsius Network in July where I saw them fall to 2.7% from 6%. In August, I decided to move them to Aave where they are currently earning a very volatile 24%. As my CredEarn BAT contract ended, I have now around 9311 BAT token on Aave.
  • Moved my LINK and SNX out of their Uniswap liquidity pools to put them in my Celsius Network wallet to earn respectively 6.13% and 22.4% per year. I kept my LRC in its Uniswap liquidity pools.

Evolution of the portfolio value in August

The big evolution in August is the increase of the capital invested in BTC and the apparition of CHSB in the portfolio. 

Portfolio evolution in August

With the last investment, I feel more comfortable with the allocation of the portfolio with more than 64% between ETH and BTC. I did a bet on Swissborg, let's see how it goes, currently I am not disappointed with their product. The CEL percentage is now at 15%, just enough to keep the Platinum level if I were to move everything in my Celsius Network wallet.

Portfolio allocation

Regarding the evolution of the portfolio value vs the capital invested, the portfolio increased again its value compared to the amount invested in august. I'm keeping an eye on the RSI technical indicators of BTC and ETH to go back to stable coin if ever some market turbulence is coming.

Capical invested vs porfolio value


I hope you liked this update. As usual, I'm looking forward for your feedback and advice in the comment section. 


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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

This blog tracks the evolution of my token portfolio. In includes a transparent list of apps, services, tokens, transactions I'll be doing while trying to manage this portfolio.

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