How I earned $277 of crypto interest in July
How I earned $277 of crypto interest in July

How I earned $277 of crypto interest in July

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 4 Aug 2020

Welcome to the monthly review of my token portfolio, it's already the 6th post where I provide an update of the interests received, the services used and the transactions performed during the month. This post tracks what happened in July.

Crypto interests received in July

I received $277 of interest (including crypto interest, browsing interest, Publish0x payments, and any kind of promo code or referee bonus) from the following sources in June:

  • 23.71 BAT from Brave from ads and referee bonus.
  • 30.90 USD from CredEarn as interest on my BAT and ETH.
  • 2.46 XTZ from Binance as staking reward from XTZ. I sold my XTZ tokens in June but Binance has a delay in the staking reward.
  • 503.30 CEL from Celsius Network as interest on my BTC, ETH, CEL, DASH, USDC and USDT.
  • 20.052 ANT from staking Uniswap ANT/ETH liquidity pool tokens. More on that later in the post.

The following diagram depicts the evolution of the received monthly crypto interest with current crypto prices.

Evolution of monthly crypto interest

Transactions realized in July

  • In July, I applied the strategy defined in June and reinvested my stable coins into ETH as soon as its RSI went higher than 60. So, I used 5000 USDC from Celsius Network and also exchanged 15000 CEL tokens to reduce a bit the portfolio exposure to CEL and reinvested into 24.27 ETH that I put back in my Celsius Network wallet to receive 6.2% interest.
  • I applied the same strategy a bit later in the month when BTC RSI went also higher than 60 and invested my remaining 7257 USDC into BTC that I put back in my Celsius Network wallet to receive 6.2% interest as well.
  • Instead of putting all the re-balanced ETH tokens into my Celsius Network wallet, I decided to invest 15 of them into several Defi tokens: so I bought about 7.5 ETH of LRC, SNX, LINK and then ANT a bit later. For all of them, I invested into Uniswap liquidity pools with ETH for each of them using Argent wallet. For ANT, I also staked the resulting UNI-V2 tokens to receive an ANT reward.
  • I retrieved the 1029.04 BAT I put on Compound last month and moved them to my Celsius Network wallet. I did that because Compound decreased the annual interest from 14% to 0.02% a few days after I started using their service, and Celsius Network did almost the same (from 8% to 2.71%) one week later. Most of my other BAT are still earning 5% interest from CredEarn.

Evolution of the portfolio value in July

Similarly to June, the portfolio started the month stable then increased  a lot as soon as it was re-balanced to ETH, BTC, LINK, SNX, LRC and ANT after the RSI signals. Even if it is not obvious to get the real historical values of UNI-V2 tokens, I estimated their value as an investment composed of 50% ETH and 50% of the DeFi token (LINK, LRC, SNX or ANT). 

Portfolio evolution in July

The CEL token value decreased a bit in June but not much for crypto (10%), I feel better with CEL at 25% of the portfolio but still have good hope that CEL will increase a lot in august with all the good news Celsius Network are expected to announce.

Portfolio allocation

Regarding the evolution of the portfolio value vs the capital invested, the evolution was almost vertical end of July. The main reason was a very high increase from ETH and the DeFi tokens I purchased (LINK, LRC, SNX and ANT).

Capical invested vs porfolio value


I hope you liked this updated. If this month seems to confirm the new strategy based on RSI and my choice to decrease my allocation to CEL, I'll continue watching the daily RSI values of ETH and BTC and will try to re-balance quickly to stable coins if their RSI values goes below the support value around 40. I'll also continue watching DeFi yield deals to determine if I can benefit from new good deal like I did for ANT in July. 



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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

This blog tracks the evolution of my token portfolio. In includes a transparent list of apps, services, tokens, transactions I'll be doing while trying to manage this portfolio.

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