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Portfolio evolution in May

How I earned $139 of crypto interest in April

By XawPublish | My token portfolio | 2 May 2020

This is already the third post of my blog tracking the evolution of my $20K investment and the related earnings. If you missed the first and second posts, I encourage you to have a look, I basically listed the services I used and the crypto tokens I chose to invest in. This post tracks what happened in April.

Interests received in April

I received interest from several sources in April:

  • I received 46.8318 BAT from my browsing in Brave
  • I received $30.86 as interest from CredEarn from my BAT and ETH. This month I've chosen to reinvest that sum in ETH and moved it to CelsiusNetwork. I've decided for that this month because ETH has a fairly high momentum currently, more about that later in the post, and CelsiusNetwork has increased a lot their annual interest on ETH, currently up to 7.27% APY on the first 100 ETH.
  • I received 809.87733 CEL from CelsiusNetwork from my BTC, ETH, DASH, CEL and USDC tokens.
  • I also withdrew 4.46019146 BAT from my Publish0x earnings and moved them to CredEarn to earn 6% APY on them. 

The total of my earnings in April is then $139.


To give more transparency, here is a recap of the previous monthly interests I received since the tracking started (using constant crypto prices of the 1st May):

  • in September 2019: $29.12
  • in October 2019: $30.26
  • in November 2019: $287.93
  • in December 2019: $267.88
  • in January 2020: $146.49
  • in February 2020: $140.14
  • in March 2020: $387.94

Evolution of the Portfolio value in April

The portfolio did a very nice recovery in April and is now back to more than the initial $20K invested. As CelsiusNetwork decided in April to stop giving any interest on ZEC, I converted all my ZEC into BTC and moved them back to CelsiusNetwork to get 7.27% APY. I did that conversion before it was announced that CelsiusNetwork was actually increasing their interest on ETH.


On the 1st May, I now have:

  • 0.67 BTC
  • 4062 USDC
  • 20.42 ETH
  • 8131.71 BAT
  • 43195.97 CEL
  • 10000 LBA
  • 0.46 DASH

Future reinvestment strategy

In April, I had to take two reinvestment decisions, first because ZEC was not giving any interest anymore and second because I received $30 as interest that I want to continue reinvesting in crypto. The investment strategy that I followed this month and will probably continue following in the future is the following:

  • If the momentum of the crypto market is negative, then I'll reinvest what I need in stable coins giving back interest. I'll probably invest in the platform with the best interest AND the less constrains on the potential asset conversion. Currently for me, that platform is CelsiusNetwork. Credearn locks asset for six months and is thus not very flexible.
  • If the momentum of the crypto market is positive, then I'll invest in the coin with the highest momentum giving back interest. I might still take into account diversification parameters.
  • I measure the momentum based on the 13612W filter. This filter is used by smart tactical asset allocation strategies and is computed using the following formula: 13612W = ( 12 * r1 + 4 * r3 + 2 * r6 + 1 * r12 ) / 4, with rt = p0/pt - 1 where pt equals price p with a t-month lag. So, it's basically 12 times the evolution of the asset price in the last month, plus 4 times the evolution of the asset price in the last three month, plus twice the evolution of the asset price in the last six month, plus the evolution of the asset price in the last year, all of that divided by four.


What's next ?

  • I'm curious to see what how the crypto coins will evolve in the month of the BTC halving.
  • Now that I defined my reinvestment strategy, I still need to decide if I will apply it also to rebalance my assets.

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My token portfolio
My token portfolio

This blog tracks the evolution of my token portfolio. In includes a transparent list of apps, services, tokens, transactions I'll be doing while trying to manage this portfolio.

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