Elon Musk Filed the Lawsuit of the Century Against OpenAI

Finally, Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against Open AI, or rather, all managers of Open AI. The most important defendant is, of course, Sam Altman. Sam Altman is the CEO of Open AI and is currently seeking $7 trillion in investment to create the world's most powerful microchips. Because Sam Altman thinks they have achieved artificial general intelligence. This is exactly what the case is about, and I think it is the most important case of 100 years. Because during this case, we will learn many new things about the state of artificial general intelligence. The decisions to be made in this case will affect the future of artificial general intelligence, and therefore, I think the future of the world and humanity may also depend on this case. I reviewed the details of the case for you. There are some really strange things. I want to explain the issue clearly. You will understand much better what we are facing.

In order to understand why Elon Musk sued Open AI, we first need to consider why Open AI was established and what the connection between Elon Musk and Open AI is. In 2014, Google acquired an artificial intelligence company called DeepMind, and the developments after that acquisition showed us that the world would change. The artificial intelligence developed by DeepMind soon defeated the world's most important Go game player. Go was seen as a game that was much more complex than chess and that artificial intelligence could never win from a computer. This victory went down in history. By the way, there is a documentary called Alphago on Netflix. You can watch that story.

Elon Musk was appalled by DeepMind's achievements. Because he has believed for many years that artificial general intelligence could bring about the end of humanity. He sincerely believes that if he creates a machine that is superior to humans in mental activities, the consequences could be dire. He started tweeting about it at that time, and Sam Altman saw these tweets and called Elon Musk. Sam Altman was the CEO of a large innovation acceleration center in the United States called Y Combinator at that time, which supported entrepreneurs, a good innovation acceleration center. By the way, Twitch is there, Pinterest is there, Oculus is there, many successes come from there.

Sam Altman called Elon Musk and said, let's establish an institute with you and develop our own artificial intelligence in this institute. Our aim here is to compete with Google, and let's not leave artificial general intelligence to them. On the other hand, let's develop it as Open Source. So everyone can see how artificial intelligence works. In this way, we can prevent a superior technology such as artificial general intelligence from remaining in the monopoly of one company. Let's attribute artificial general intelligence to humans and let everyone see the risks it may create. Let's take on the responsibility of communicating about this and educate people about what dangers artificial general intelligence can pose. Let's ensure that there are regulations regarding this and ensure that artificial intelligence does not fall under the monopoly of any company.

Quite a different tone than Sam Altman today. Elon Musk welcomes Sam Altman's idea and provides financial support. If I'm not mistaken, he donates around 100 million dollars. This place is like a foundation. This is not a company, so you donate your money and at the same time, it starts to provide support within the framework of its own relationships and add good people to the team. If I'm not mistaken, Ilya Sutskever, one of the world's most important artificial intelligence experts, joined the company at that time with the support of Elon Musk. Things are going well until 2019. Step by step, Sam Altman and his team are developing artificial intelligence and reaching gpt 3. When it comes to GPT 3, an agreement is made with Microsoft in 2019 and Microsoft uses GPT 3. Elon Musk actually had no objections to these issues until that period. Even in his own statements, he says that he supports Open AI until September 2020.

The critical breakthrough here is that Open AI had not yet reached artificial general intelligence until that period. Gpt 3 is a narrowly focused artificial intelligence. In other words, it is an artificial intelligence that can perform a task very well, but it is not yet an artificial general intelligence that can do everything the human mind can do. The apocalypse is already breaking loose from here. Open AI is releasing Chat Gpt 3.5 in March 2023, and we all understand that we are faced with a product close to artificial general intelligence. Because it successfully completes many tasks that even humans find difficult. For example, he falls into the top 10% on the United States bar exam, and so on. Elon Musk says that according to the contract of the foundation we established, artificial general intelligence should not be given to anyone. If artificial general intelligence has been achieved, its source should be made available to everyone, everyone should be able to see it, and Open AI should never be able to make money from it.

However, developments are happening in the opposite direction. As you know, Microsoft also increased its support for Open AI at that time. By the way, I was wrong, they do not directly cooperate. They share in the profit. They also let you use their own servers. Last week, a statement came from Microsoft on this issue. "We are not partners of Open AI," he said. As far as I understand, they are trying to protect themselves legally. But this magnificent product, which is close to the chat gpt artificial general intelligence developed by Open AI in every way, is placed at the disposal of Microsoft. The court will decide whether Elon Musk is right or wrong, but I think he rightly says that this is against everything. You have achieved artificial general intelligence. We developed this for the public good. You gave it to Microsoft.

Also, remember, at that time, there were other legendary and complicated things going on, such as the firing of Sam Altman, and Elon Musk also mentions them in the court document. Remember, Sam Altman is suddenly suspended from work by the board of directors. Then all hell breaks loose. Then Sam Altman comes back. The board of directors is fired, and at that time it remains very unclear why Sam Altman was fired. But a news service by Reuters says that there is a new project within Open AI called Qstar. Qstar is artificial general intelligence itself. They have developed this. Seeing this, the board of directors fired him because they were uncomfortable with the idea of Sam Altman selling it to Microsoft.

But then Microsoft reveals all its power. Because remember, the Azure cloud system that sustains Open AI, the 50% shareholder of the profit, is completely under the control of Microsoft, and with its intervention, Sam Altman receives a lot of support from the company's staff. Because they will all be rich. As a result, they do not see themselves as working for a charity. As a result of all this, the board of directors is completely dismissed. Ilya Sutskever, one of the most important artificial intelligence minds in the world, disappears completely and control passes 100% to Sam Altman and therefore to Microsoft.

Then the issue of Sam Altman's $7 trillion fund search begins. This brings important evidence that we have already reached artificial general intelligence, and according to estimates, it can be made available to humanity in 2026. Recent developments even suggest that this could even be pushed to 2025, and Elon Musk says, "This is a very scary thing, this is a completely closed code, it has been handed over to a completely profit-oriented company like Microsoft." This could spell the end of humanity. This is one of the scariest things that can happen. We must stop this. Of course, the lawyers who wrote the petition looked at all these, such as artificial general intelligence, etc., as well as tax laws, how companies are established in the United States, what the company's articles of association are, and they found another interesting gap.

The company was established with donations. Remember, Elon Musk donated 100 million dollars there, and those who donate this money deduct 50% from their taxes. The petition asks how can a company that is currently not-for-profit, created with donations and tax-deducted funds, become for-profit? Besides, they did not get permission from the board of directors to open artificial general intelligence to Microsoft. Then they completely changed the board of directors that did not allow it. Nobody on the new board of directors knows about artificial intelligence. These are obviously people under Sam Altman's control. What kind of thing is this? Not only is it against the company's articles of association, but this company turned from a non-profit company into a for-profit company. In this case, there is a problem in the capital structure. They say we want all this to be brought back.

But Elon Musk wants something more important. I mean, I don't know about the American legal system, but I think Elon Musk's main purpose is to file the lawsuit himself, and very interestingly, he wants this case to be heard in front of a jury, not by expert courts. Being seen in front of the jury means what happened in these developments? Has Open AI really achieved artificial general intelligence? Why was Sam Altman fired? Why is he coming back? It will reveal all the information such as and a jury will decide whether the current Chat gpt is a real artificial general intelligence.

This is also very critical. Because if this court decides that Chat GPT is artificial general intelligence, they must first develop a set of criteria. The jury will look and decide according to this set of criteria. In this case, we will actually determine the legal limits of artificial general intelligence for the first time in history, and this will be the reference for all artificial intelligence projects to be developed from now on. Because in American courts, the decision made by a court becomes a guide and pioneer for subsequent decisions.

In addition to all these, we have already reached an even more interesting artificial general intelligence. Elon Musk himself says this. Officials from Microsoft also made similar statements about Chat GPT. In other words, they said, we see that we have reached the very beginnings of artificial general intelligence. They are making this official and will determine the criteria for it. You know this is what we call a jury in court, 12 people chosen from the public, a normal judge in front of them. I don't know if a judge understands artificial general intelligence. They will approve or reject it along with his decisions. If it is decided that this is artificial general intelligence, all collaborations between Open AI and Microsoft will probably be reversed.

Of course, I think it will be an incredibly long legal process. Besides, Elon Musk is very rich and has great lawyers. On this side, Microsoft is behind Open AI. Microsoft probably has some lawyers and I think it will be a very controversial case. But the important thing is where are we? Sam Altman has a famous quote, maybe you remember it. I recently saw a new technology of ours at the Open AI offices, he said at a conference just before he was fired. My mind is opened. There is a place where he says humanity will go to a completely different place. We don't know what it is. Here it is said that QStar is. It is said to be artificial general intelligence.

There are many rumors about why Sam Altman went after this $7 trillion. All of this can come to light here. That's why I think Elon Musk's main issue is not to slow down or stop this process by filing a lawsuit, but of course those are also important. More importantly, this information is made public. The consequences of this case could be truly monumental. As important as learning whether artificial intelligence exists now or not, we will see in the future the attitude of the American State regarding artificial general intelligence projects. I'm looking forward to the results. According to the legal system in America, the case has not yet been filed. As far as I know, Elon Musk wants the lawsuit to be filed. A preliminary hearing is being held regarding this. It's a trial without a jury. The parties present their arguments and the judge decides whether to open the case.

But in my opinion, Elon Musk will not say that a judge cannot file a lawsuit on an issue that involves big names like Microsoft and will affect the future of the world. This case will be opened, that jury will be formed, that evidence will be explained to that jury, and the press will share it. Super exciting days await us. Of course, some investors among you are thinking about how this will affect stocks. It did not reflect well on Tesla. While the market was very good on Friday, Tesla rose very slightly. I think Microsoft also closed that day in red. It seems like he's also been affected a bit negatively.

But we are still in the beginning stages. I do not think that all these developments will stop the journey towards artificial general intelligence. That journey will continue. But it will continue in a brand new way and we will learn a lot of new things and probably have a lot of fun.

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