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The freedom of trading on DEX

By PierreK | My Take on Crypto | 24 Apr 2020

As it is with trading it was no surprise to see my LRC drop immediately after buying it. It was in line with my trading strategy.

You see, trading on any market is extremely simple. There is only only rule that applies. As soon as Pierre buys something it's price will collapse. The reverse consequence is also governed by this rule. As soon as I sell, it shoots up.

The timing of the competition to Win LRC by joining was my trigger to buy Ether (it's my first time), temporarily drop bitfinex and try something new. I did a swap of my entire position of USD, all 15 dollars of it, for some ether and, on send, found I had no ether address. More lessons learn't.

I had MetaMask on my mobile and myCrypto on my PC. Are you impressed yet? After all the shenanigans of getting my ether onto loopring it was exciting again.

This brings me back to my heading. Most trading sites are governed by their jurisdictions who actually hate crypto. They won't say it but they do. It removes the control of money (creating and tracking) they are addicted to. All jurisdictions hate crypto. So it's no surprise that one must jump multiple hoops to just start trading. It's no blight on the trading website. In fact, it makes their life more difficult. Consider the Bitfinex hack in 2016. I recall thinking that regulation forcing bitfinex to make BTC more immediately accessible to their clients meant they were limited in the amounts they could cold store. I think we all took a 35% shave.

Enter DEX. Decentralized. Beautiful.

I must thank publish0x for the competition. It triggered my greed perfectly.

Now to find all the places I left some bits of crypto.

Ah, there's one. Buy-Bye ladies and gents. Happy decentralized trading. I will update this blog to see what logistically nightmarish sites I left stuff over the years and how they are faring on

You never know, maybe LRC recovers after my first buy.



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My Take on Crypto
My Take on Crypto

My trip with crypto started soon after it was created. It was toy back then. Something to sell when the price doubles. And you smile.

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