My Best Heroine

By charmingcherry08 | My Story | 26 Sep 2020

We all have our own favorite superheroes and heroines. Maybe some of you loves superman, batman, wonderwoman, and so on. And also, you have the list of why you idolize and admire them, specially the things they have done. But me? I only have one favorite heroine. It's my mother.


Wonderwoman is nothing compared to my Mom. She is everything a best heroine could ever described of. She may not carry a vehicle using only one hand, or she may not have supernatural powers, but I know she is strong enough much more of what I have imagined. Just the thought of her, enduring the physical pain giving birth gave, is something to be admired.

For all the sacrifices she has done. For all the things she set aside for us. For all the unending support she gave to us. For the unconditional love and taking care of us. She deserved to be called my most favorite and best heroine of all time. She deserves all the admiration, love, and honor we are giving her.

Again, my mom, is my favorite and best heroine for me.



Ps: This is an original composition of mine and has been published to another blogging site. I will surely put the link of it in the resources.

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My Story
My Story

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