November 2021 StakeCube earnings report

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 1 Dec 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another update on my portfolio on StakeCube

Let`s see the excel and what this month got in rewards :)


I got a total of 5.96 $ in rewards from staking. Unfortunately, I couldn`t get that 7$ as I expected.

I put in this excel only the coins that get me at least 1 cent in rewards. In the coins number column where you will see the 0 balance, the reason for that 0 is that at the start of the month I had 0 coins, but during this month I bought some at a profitable price.

My main income source remains my BTC miners. Those miners got me 4.33 $. Well, in October I got from them 3.93 $, so it is an increase of 10 %. 

  • What happened during this month?


Well, let`s start talking about my portfolio value. I started the month of November with 215$. On 1 November I had 14 BTC miners. During this month I made many profitable trades and got the profits in SCC. With those profits, I bought another 7 miners that cost me 4$ each, so a total of 28$.

  • How much money do I make with trading?

Well, let`s make some math.

I started with 215 $ and ended with 196 $. I spent 28 $ on miners. If I hadn`t bought them I would have 224 $. I made some trades, but for 90 % of them, I didn`t take out the profit in SCC and I preferred to keep them in the respective coins. 

We can see a profit of 9$, but from that 6$ are from staking. So I will assume that I made 3$ in profit for that 10 % trades that I took out the profit in SCC.

  • How much money do I expect in December?

I know that I didn`t manage to get 7$ in November, but with those new miners I expect at least 5.2-5.5 $ just from my miners, plus 1.3-2 $ from the rest of my coins in staking rewards, so I can say that I expect around 6.5-7.5 $ for the next month.


  • Let`s see the dividend tracker graph


This month was less profitable than October, but I expect that December will be the best one. I started to track all the dividends with detailed income since August. And I am really happy that it increased by 33% from August to November. 

  • What do I plan for December?

Well, for the next month I plan to do as many profitable trades as I can and I will take around 20% of the profits in SCC and buy another BTC miner because this one is my main source of income at this point. 

As usually, my affiliate link is:

Have a great last month of this 2021 year! And I hope that you will remain with me to see my future progresses.


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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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