My staking rewards for the month of October 2021

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 31 Oct 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back :)!

I finally hit my goal, which was to make 6 $ for the month of October from staking my coins on StakeCube platform!

So, let`s see exactly what happened this month from 1-30!474d219590a47fb3df4d70596699084480a0d21854af20fa0ba37b56541389d4.png


As you can see I started the month with a portfolio worth 203 $! I managed many transactions during this month, that`s why for some of the coins, I didn`t receive daily stake rewards.

My biggest earnings come from the BTC miners, which got me almost 4 $ for this month. 

2nd place is PNY, which got 0.67 $

3rd place was BITB with 0.4 $

4th place was SCC with 0.33 $

5th place was NEBL with 0.143 $

So, in total, I earned 6.3 $, a little bit over what I wanted to achieve for this month and I am really happy that I did it!

My next goal is to hit 7$ in November, staking my coins there. I will try to do to as much trading as I can, so maybe I will make some profits too :) 

For those who wanna give StakeCube a chance, my referral link is :


I will wait for you there, my friends! If you have any questions or anything, let me know in the comments below.

I am looking to create a new series about all my faucet's income and how much I earn from faucets. Maybe I will add my stocks too, and the dividends I got from them. 

Have a great week :) Cheers!

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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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