How i earned 0.69$ profit by staking with my 15.48$ worth portfolio

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 1 Aug 2020

Welcome to the monthly review of My Staking Portfolio, it's my third post where I provide an update of the interests I got, the services I used and the transactions I did. This post tracks what happened in July. I hope i became better with the details since the last post and more detailed.

Interests received in July via staking platforms





On the 1st August my total portofolio is valued to 0.00105914 BTC , 
On this moment, 1 BTC is 11,695 $ so my portofolio is around 12.38 USD. 
Since the last month my portfolio value increased with 3.77 USD




On 1st August my total portfolio on StackOfStake is 0.00002354 BTC, that means 0.27 USD,increased with 0.21 since last month.

Celsius Network

I got 0.0051 CEL, that worth 0.002 USD , for staking 1.01 CEL (i got 1 CEL for freefor instaling the app) ,and for my 0.065 EOS setted on CEL rewards. My portfolio is 0.65 USD worth, increased by 0.05 USD since last month.


Staking :
I started to stake TRX on 2 July,and after 1 month i got from staking 74 TRX a reward of 0.075 TRX. After i got the reward,i left only 70 TRX on binance staking. And put the rest of 4.075 TRX on saving account and 2.79 BAT on saving wallet too on binance.

After a month i got 0.00154539 BAT and 0.00195212 TRX after 10 days . My total savings rewards is 0.00000004 BTC and from staking 0.00000012 BTC.

My total binance wallet : Savings: 0.00006768 BTC = 0.787421 USD and staking 70 TRX = 1.39 USD

My total profit for the month of July

So, my total profit is : Stakecube+ StackofStake + CELSIUS + Binance

0.68 USD + 0.009 USD + 0.002 USD + 0.002 USD = aprox 0.69 USD

My total portfolio worth is 12.38 + 0.27 + 0.65 + 2.18 USD = 15.48 USD

My total portfolio value incrased by 6.21 USD since last month and i am so happy!

Transactions realized in June

  • I withdraw from FaucetCrypto in July the following coins :

1 July 9.5 PIRATE sent to StackOfStake

5 July 0.044 KMD sent to StakeCube

7 July sent 5.5 TRX to Binance

14 July sent 12.76 PIRATE to StackOfStake

20 July sent 30.8 DOGE to StakeCube and sold it for 0.16 SCC

25 July sent 20 DOGE to DogeWars

  • 1 July i withdraw 2.145 BAT from my publish and send it to Binance.
  • 1 July I withdraw 3.25 RDD from BTCPOP to StackOfStake
  • 1 July I Withdraw from MoonDash to StackeCube 0.00351385 Dash
  • 7July got 4.475 BAT from brave

What's next ?

  • I will continue to use the faucets to continue earning free crypto
  • I will invest the coins i got from faucets on those staking platforms.

I will really apreciate if you want to use my refferal links to register on the faucets and the staking platforms :
















Feel free to ask anything!

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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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