How I earned $0.19 of crypto interest in June from my $9 portfolio worth

How I earned $0.19 of crypto interest in June from my $9 portfolio worth

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 1 Jul 2020

Welcome to the monthly review of My Staking Portfolio, it's second post where I provide an update of the interests I got, the services I used and the transactions I did. This post tracks what happened in May. I hope i became better with the details since the last post.

Interests received in June via staking platforms




The reason for my lost on the SCC is because i used it to buy some LTC. On the 1st July my total portofolio is valued to 0.00094245 , 
On this moment, 1 BTC is 9.140 $ so my portofolio is around 8.61 USD. 



On 1st July my total portfolio on StackOfStake is 0.00000668 BTC, that means 0.06 USD. 

I got 0.0045 CEL, that worth 0.002 USD , for staking 1 CEL that i got for free and the interest for my EOS setted on CEL rewards. My portolios is 0.6 USD worth.

My total profit for the month of June

So, my total profit is : 0.185 USD + 0.0028 USD + 0.002 USD = aprox 0.19 USD

My total portfolio worth is 8.61 + 0.06 + 0.6 = 9.27 USD

Transactions realized in June

  • On 5 June, i withdraw from Faucetcrypto 2.8 Pirate and deposited on my StackOfStacke wallet. 
  • And i spend 5$ on Payeer to buy 0.06 DASH  to deposit on StakeCube
  • I bought on 6 June 0.07 LTC from Payeer that was worth 3.5$ at that time.
  • Meanwhile, on 8 June i deposited 0.049 LTC on StakeCube , from my Payeer account (wich i recomand,especially if you are a begginer with transactions and crypto,because it is really easy to do them and to deposit,even just 1 $ )
  • And the rest of 0.0145 LTC (fees aplicated on payeer) i deposited to my CredEarn wich you can find on Uphold if you are using Brave Browser. I depoisted there my 5.65 BAT tokens that i got by using BraveBrowser. 
  • And on 6 June i downloaded an aplication called Celsius Network , that is a portfolio for crypto and fiat. When you download it,you get 1 CEL token,that is worth 0.25$ . After some days i got my first divident there, wich was 0.0003 CEL 
  • Withdraw 149 sathoshies (565 coins) into 3.1 PIRATE`s coins and deposited on stackofstacke on 12 june
  • Deposited on 12 June 0.0656 EOS on Celsius
  • Recived 2.15 BAT on 7 June for Browsing with Brave Browser
  • On 12 June deposited 1 DNA on StackOfStake
  • June 22,deposited 5.65 BAT on Binnance
    Bought with 5 BAT , 74 TRX
    I started to saving that 0.65 BAT and started to stake the 74 TRX
  • Deposited 15 DOGE from Graviex to stakecube on 25 June and bought 0.00050490 Dash
  • Deposited 5.65 BAT on Binance and i bought with it 74 TRX (for staking) and with the rest of 0.65 BAT i setted on savings to get interest.


What's next ?

  • I should start to earn my first interest on the TRX from Binance
  • I will continue to use the faucets to continue earning free crypto
  • I will invest the coins i got from faucets on those staking platforms.


If you will use my binance link to register, i setted to give u 5% from the rewards i get.

Regiter on Binance

My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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