First Half of January 2022 StakeCube portfolio

By ionutzu97 | My staking portfolio | 18 Jan 2022

Hello everyone! Welcome to another update on my StakeCube portfolio! Let`s get started right away with the excel table! 


The first week of January was not as I expected it to be. I was really sad with my results because I had such a low income. The second week was a decent one, getting me 1.38$

Top 3 earners:

As usual, they are:

  • BTC - my miners (25) get me around 0.7 $ per week. All of the miners were bought with the profit from trading.
  • PNY - I started the first week with a low budget of PNY, but I started to buy more.
  • SCC - earning interest for holding.
What happened this month?
  • New MasterNodes :
  • On 12 January I bought 5 MN for Flits (FLS), each MN containing 10 FLS, so a total of 50 FLS in MN.
  • On 16 January I bought 3 MN for BTC2, each MN containing 10 BTC2, so a total of 30 BTC2 in MN.
  • Sold almost all my other coins to buy PNY
  • On 17 January I had a total of 39 PNY. I was so glad about the staking results so I thought "Why I don`t buy more PNY for bigger rewards?" . So I did it! I sold all my other coins (excepting my coins in the MN) and from 39 PNY I went to 327 PNY. Now I expect my portfolio to grow quicker.
What is my portfolio consisting now?
  • I have 25 BTC miners
  • MasterNodes: BTC2,ESBC,FLS,RPD.
  • 327 PNY worth around 97$. 

This is my new portfolio holdings at this time. I hope to see some good changes in the earnings for the second half of this month.

So, if you are interested to create an account and give it a try, you can use my affiliate link: StakeCubeRegister

What I forgot to mention again is that StakeCube got some faucets from which you can claim every 24h.

Have a nice day and with big profits!


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My staking portfolio
My staking portfolio

I will do a review of my stoking portofolios and my opinions about some staking sites/app

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