Alien Worlds Shining Update!

It's official boys and girls. Alien Worlds is lowering the amount of TLM required to Shine NFT's and they are also enabling Minion and Weapon shining.

What does it mean for you? Well let's dive into it fully.

Starting on Friday May 21st at 15:00 UTC (3pm UTC) you will be able to Shine your Weapons and Minions. What this means is that the price of TLM is probably going to go up this next week as people are beginning to stock pile weapon and minions and TLM so that they can chase those low Mint number shinnies.


The other exciting news is that the price of TLM to shine a NFT is lowering. To shine a Abundant Stone to a Abundant Gold is going to cost you 100TLM instead of the 500 (I believe that it was/is currently).


The other good news is that Alien Worlds has stated that the price of shining will constantly be looked at to and adjusted as needed. They don't want everyone and their mother to be shinning like crazy because that would cause the balance of the game and NFTs to sway in the wrong direction but they also don't want it so only the whales can shine. What they are going to do is take a look at the past 2 weeks and see if there are more or less shinning's happening and if so raise or lower the cost accordingly.

The other interesting addition is something called "Material Grade". This is all in attempts to give Mint #1 hunters another avenue to even the playing field. Because now if you have no hope in getting a Mint #1 shiny card you could get a Grade #1 shiny card. What the Grade #'s refer to is the collective mint numbers of the cards used to shine and create the new shiny card. So if you Mint together 4 cards that are Mint #'s +5,000 then you will have a high Grade #. If you mint together 4 cards that have a Mint # of sub 100 let's say then you will have a great Grade #.

The Grade # doesn't have any effect on gameplay just like a Mint #1 doesn't effect gameplay. It's just another aspect to the NFT hunter game out there to have fun with and try to get a lower number of.

So who is going to amass their TLM to sell it shortly before or on May 21st? Who is going to amass their TLM and minions to Shine them? You will need 4 cards and 100 TLM at the minimum to shine and honestly shinning at lower grades are not worth it in gameplay stats. But bragging rights... well that is a totally different story! 

Good Luck!


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