Upland: Welcome to Cuba!

By Infinity_0 | My_Space | 24 Apr 2022

Wait, the title that I have given to this article actually seems futuristic, especially if we take into account that when I went to enter Upland from Cuba, my country, the browser's response was this:


Uplandme, Inc. website, web application, and digital products and services are not available to users located or ordinarily resident in countries or territories targeted by U.S. sanctions. Currently, such jurisdictions include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine. Uplandme, Inc. is committed to compliance with applicable U.S. sanctions law, and we regret if our requirement to meet such legal commitments may cause a disruption to the use of your account.


I understand that it is not entirely Upland's fault and that in the event that they allowed Cuba and the other countries on the list, they would be the ones who would be punished for doing so. It is incredible how the US tentacles reach everywhere. They are even capable of blocking the Cuban people with an economic embargo for more than 60 years, even Trump before leaving the White House signed 243 more measures against Cuba. Measures that affect the economy of all the inhabitants of the Island. Then they come to tell you that the Cuban Government and the socialist system do not work. It is preaching morality in underpants. As a Cuban, I have learned not to be afraid of anyone and to walk with my morale and my head held high and with enormous pride in having been born on this small Caribbean island.


The least I want is to relate the article to politics or start a debate. If anyone is offended by my way of thinking, I'm sorry and I don't mean to at all. But there comes a time when you have to raise your voice against so many injustices. The Internet is full of censorship for Cuba due to these senseless sanctions. Even in some cases they kindly inform you that because of Cuba "sponsoring terrorism" we cannot access that website. Obviously, when you read that kind of poster, it makes you want to turn off the monitor or break it. But we cannot do that, we have to continue fighting and showing the world that we are hard-working people who want to get ahead. The truth always catches the lie, even if it runs 100 years ahead.

Having a great desire to participate in the contest sponsored by publish0x, I went to YouTube to discover a little more about the project itself. I saw about 10 videos where they explained in detail what it consisted of and all its features. I am instantly impressed. I wanted to go in and explore it for myself. Navigate on your map and be part of that community.

How could it be otherwise, I resorted to a VPN to get into Upland. With the help of Windscribe, one of the best VPNs I've been able to find for free. In this way, I was able to see Upland for the first time and I fell in love with its interface instantly. A simple interface, with a map as the main function, of course, how could it be otherwise. The level of detail and the way it is presented is excellent. I had heard very positive things about the project in all the videos and in reality the success is 100% understood.


Enter through the referral link that publish0x provided us and they immediately credited me with 6000 UPX. UPX is the fungible token on the EOS blockchain that is only used as an in-game utility token. This means that you cannot withdraw from it, as it only exists in-game. But there is a way to make USD money by selling the properties purchased in the game.


We all start with a Visitor profile, and we require about 10,000 UPX to become an Uplander. For this, you need to enter the game as often as possible, to acquire a small reward after a few hours. You will accumulate them and eventually, at the end of the week, you will be better rewarded. At this rate, it would take no less than 6 weeks to become an Uplander, that is, to have acquired 10,000 UPX in your account. An important detail is that when that time comes, they require a cell phone number for verification, it would be impossible for me, because of what I mentioned above about the prohibition that Cuban citizens participate in the project. So I guess I'll never be an Uplander, at least for now.

It is also important to note that you need to renew your VISA every 7 days, in order not to lose your properties, the renewal is completely free and you only need to click on it. So we recommend that the more you visit the game, the better. When you achieve Uplander status, the properties become yours on the blockchain, and nothing and no one has access to them or can take them away from you. Cool, don't you think?

Uplander is an alternate reality, where through the metaverse you can get real estate in the digital world. It is certainly an innovative idea.
If you don't want to wait that long to get to Uplander status, you can always buy UPX for a small price.

How to play2earn?

It's simple: The more properties you have, the better. In the end, you are buying properties that are nothing more than NFTs, which acquire a market value eventually. These digital properties, in the future, can be worth a lot of money since the game is just beginning. Perhaps in about 10 years, when you look back on this property that you just bought today, someone will be interested in it for good money.


Every game requires its risk involved, it is also much higher, of course, if you invest money in it. But not only the money, because even if you don't put USD directly into the game, you will also invest your time, and for some, this is much more precious. But with everything that I have been able to hear, read and analyze for myself, I believe that the future is promising in every way. After all, you have the whole world to yourself.

But… Cuba is missing. That little island in the Caribbean has a very peculiar shape and is even represented on the game map. If you look closely, I know that there are only US cities, some of its main ones and that they eventually escalate to other cities and different countries later.

Cuba is simply spectacular from Cabo de San Antonio to Punta de Maisi. We are Socialists and proud to be. We have a powerful free health system that goes from simple care in a medical consultation, to surgery without any cost, more than thanks. In addition, free education from the first years of life, until graduating from the University.

Our doctors have been internationalists for years, and in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, they have gone to offer their solidarity help to various countries around the world, where they have been requested. "Doctors and not bombs" phrase coined by Fidel Castro, the undisputed leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Would Upland like to put us on their map or just unblock our IP addresses from the blacklist?


They would not like to put the Capitol of Havana, built-in 1929, on their map. Open to the public, it is one of the most visited tourist centers in the city, having become one of the architectural icons of Havana, and is considered usually the most imposing building in the city.


The malecon in Havana is a visual delight. Also, it's powerless and you feel like you own the world when you're sitting in it. Above all, when at night it is visited by hundreds and hundreds of people, and where friendship and love flow throughout it.


The University of Havana is one of the places, without a doubt, a special place full of history. Its enormous staircase is synonymous with pure history, and it was through it that important figures in our history traveled, in defense of rights and the struggle for a free Cuba. A University where its young people are forged as Engineers to later be useful to society.


Who would not like to visit the CIGB, where Cuban scientists made 5 vaccine candidates to combat covid-19, and 3 of them managed to become vaccines after rigorous study and testing for months. I currently have 4 doses of the Abdala vaccine in my body, 3 normal, and one booster. This vaccine is 92% effective. 100% of the Cuban population is vaccinated with our own vaccines, including their children. No other country in the world has achieved this yet. As a consequence of this, the daily cases of covid-19 decreased to a minimum, thus achieving control of the pandemic.


Even who wouldn't want to digitally own a part of the most beautiful beach in the world? Varadero is classified as a wonder, for its fine white sands, in addition to the quality of its crystal clear waters. This beach is visited by almost all of the tourists on the island.

In the next few days, I will continue exploring Upland, even though I know that my future lies in it because a country that believes it is the owner of the planet does not like that we Cubans or other countries have access to certain issues on the Internet. But as I said before, the truth cannot be blocked. I'll wait patiently for Upland to let me in without a VPN so I can ride the flame once and for all.

Upland: Welcome to Cuba!


PS: Again I apologize if my article hurts or touches on a specific issue that is controversial with your thoughts in a political way. It was not my intention and I will not touch on this topic in the comments (I do not intend to start a debate). I have written this article in this way, even assuming the possibility that it will not be to your liking and that I will not get a prize in this contest, even though I need the money, like everyone else. But there are things in life that cannot be overlooked, and I have never been one to keep quiet.

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