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The PayToClick journey


It the crypto space there is no shortages of sites allowing you to earn small amounts of various coins for viewing ads. Instead of the post I made before, where I talk about only one site at a time, this post is more general about the sites I've been using for there PTC offers. For some of these I may in the future do a more in-depth post solely about them.


Used Sites

I've tried quite a few of these, of the ones I currently use (referral links), their corresponding earnings (per day) are shown bellow:

* Earnings using the middle grade membership

These are average earnings and can vary in many cases depending on the number of ads available on each platform. For both litecoinads and litegpt, I've started to use a membership. In the first the earning per PTC is almost doubled (650 to 1250 litoshis), while the second the earnings are boosted by bit more than 50% (0.00060€ to 0.00095).  The memberships last 30 days and seem very worthwhile as the boost is very significant. Most of these deal in BTC, a couple in LTC and 2 other in DOGE.


In general there are two types of ads, those requiring window focus and otherwise. It might seem clear that most of my chosen sites have the ability to take the focus from the ad. The only ones that do not adhere to this rule is earnbtc, coinbulb (a couple a day), coinadster and dogebitsfree. These last two I've found that switching to chrome right after opening the ad makes it so it run on the background anyway. The off-focus ads permits the use of multiple of these sites and just keep switching back and forward greatly speeding up the process of using the available ads.



The amount each one pays is not very high, however the sum of these gives about 0.14€ per day (4.2€ per month) which is respectable in this space, specially for a very small amount of work needed to get those results.

Note that there are other sites similar to adbtc like adeth and others. However I dont use them because not only their sole use of reCaptcha for bot protection but for requiring solving one of these every few ads, which quickly becomes tiresome. The adbtc has other methods, my favorite being mathematical expressions which are easy and quick to solve, and on top of that require much less of these to solve.


Stay safe and Happy earnings!





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My Road to Cryptocurrency
My Road to Cryptocurrency

Here I will detail my journey into crypto, both learning about it and my utilization of faucet sites and others like it to get a foot in the race. :)

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