Fudgeling as Usual

By Sorenized | My Random Stories | 23 Mar 2021

There stands the table, sturdy and of medium height. And the chair that pairs with it. On top is a laptop enough to draw her to the place. She sits to show she is working. But opens the canvas then write.

'Attend to the child,' she says to another in the house. For she is working. But not really.

When someone peeks to see what she's doing, she points her cursor to a window that shows some sort of work material. And she goes on with it so that everybody will see she's working.

The night creeps in and she's unready for the evening meal. She feels guilty so she shuts down the monitor then rushes all she could. A meatloaf just to have something for the night.

Unhealthy, she scolds herself. But shrugs then promises to do better the next day.

Morning comes then husband leaves for work. Then all promises sworn the previous days are made to be forgotten if not broken. As if the canvas consumed all of her.

Her eyes wander through the clatters of the days prior to this day, then before that and before that and before that. How many days has it been since the broom last touched the floor?

The laundries are stinky, needs to be washed right away or be thrown and be useless forever.

The sink can't hold anymore spoon or fork. It pleads for someone to do something with it.

These house chores' halting her work, she thoughts.

'Topsy-turvy. I need someone to work on my home,' she cries. Then reflects and prays for the better.

'Dear God, only you can do help me with my laziness. I will do my work right. Forgive me father for my lack of discipline. I will do better than ever.'


  • Set priorities right.

  • Be firm with your resolves.

  • Get things done immediately. Do not procrastinate.

  • Rest if you must but be mindful of your schedule.

  • Do your work and do not fudgel. Do not imitate the woman above.

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My Random Stories
My Random Stories

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